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Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale Silica Cosplay

For the 4th year in a row, I’ve made another Silica costume again oh god.

Unlike with my previous costumes, all of the progress photos and notes have been posted on my cosplay Tumblr here.

Sword Art Online II Silica (ALO Cait Sith ver.) Cosplay Progress

Why am I doing this again oh god

This post is a photo progress log for the costume. It may come in helpful as a semi-tutorial or visual clarification of how some parts can be done. Some parts are easier than others (e.g. skirt, inner shirt), but overall I would rate the construction level of the costume to be intermediate. It is easier to make than Silica’s red SAO outfit though, in my opinion.

Parts of the progress will be copy and paste from my SAO Silica progress page since the two outfits are quite similar in parts and silhouette. The gold trim is one key thing that I’m doing differently this time around because of how difficult and expensive pleather was to deal with last time, not to mention that I was less than satisfied with the results.

Cost of the costume are shown by part. Prices in parentheses are the costs if all of the raw materials had to be purchased instead of using leftovers or whatever is already available.

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Back From Sakura-Con 2013

One of the best conventions ever. I didn’t think it’d top my 2012 experience, but it did.

I accomplished everything I wanted to do, which was to meet some of the guests of honor at the convention and express my appreciation for their work and thank them in person. Looking back, I probably offended people with my broken impolite Japanese. I’m very sorry.

Thank you, Sakura-Con 2013, the wonderful staff of Aniplex, FUNimation, and ACP, and fellow fans of Sword Art Online and PSYCHO-PASS for making this con experience possible! みんな、お疲れ様でしたー!

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Going to Sakura-Con 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Sakura-Con 2013 in Seattle, Washington, from March 29th through 31st.

I will be volunteering as Silica at the Aniplex booth in Exhibitors’ Hall at block 335, 234, 333, 232 and official Sword Art Online events and panels (except for the Saturday night concert) for all three days of the convention. As you may have guessed, Sword Art Online appears to be the main theme of Sakura-Con this year and an amazing team of SAO cosplayers (in collaboration with ACP) will be working the Aniplex booth. Please feel free to stop by, discuss the finer points of SAO, and take a photo with us!

During my downtime and press conferences, I will be cosplaying Shimotsuki Mika from PSYCHO-PASS with a giant can of Hyper Oats. Free potted cactus plant for the first Ginoza-san I find.

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Sword Art Online Silica Cosplay Progress

Why am I doing this oh god

Sword Art Online Silica cosplay

More photos of the finished costume can be found here.

Sword Art Online II Silica (ALO ver.) progress can be found here

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  • References
  • Skirt
  • Crop Top
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Garter
  • Gloves
  • Circle Lens
  • Blazer (Bottom)
  • Pina’s Heart
  • Wig
  • Blazer (Top)
  • Belt
  • Pouch
  • Anklet
  • Breastplate
  • Dagger
  • Sheath

  • Cost of the costume are shown by part. Prices in parentheses are the costs if all of the raw materials had to be purchased instead of using leftovers or whatever is available in the house.


    Official production art from Dengeki’s release of Sword Art Online anime news.

    Silica full-body art

    Silica's facial expressions

    Magazine spread scan.

    I color-sampled the character art from official website for actual colors.
    Silica’s red blazer is a true red. Same color as gloves.
    All yellow/gold parts appear to be the same color.
    All dark gray/black parts appear to be the same color.
    Hair bobbles and ribbons are different shades of red than the blazer and each other.

    Numerous amateur Silica costumes were consulted for ideas.
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    Persona 4 Teddie (Kuma) Cosplay Progress

    It’s finished!

    The squeaking is real. It’s made by dog toys.
    Real dogs nearly mauled me at the con.

    Photo credits to G4

    Photo credits to Makoto

    Photo credits to Dominic R. Mendoza

    Photo credits to G4

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    Fleece Skyrim Dovahkiin Hat

    The heavens opened up and started snowing here. I thought I’d make a hat to match the weather.
    Conclusion: will remake it with smaller horns and a hat body sized for my head

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    Recettear Recette Cosplay Progress

    I’m making a Recette cosplay from Recettear ~An Item Shop’s Tale~ for PAX Prime 2011 and Kumoricon 2011. I am kind of on the hook to churn this out. I’ll try to update this post daily.

    If you have any questions about the costume and cosplay, feel free to ask.

    Day 0

    – I printed out a reference picture of Recette which turned out to be a shade darker than the in-game artwork, so I took note of that fact and kept in mind to purchase raw materials a shade lighter than on the reference sheet.

    – (Reference picture is of the big Recette in the background of the below picture)

    – After a quick overview of her outfit, I decided to make the costume layer by layer instead of buying all of the raw materials in one go.

    – I ordered a 40cm-long wig in tea brown from Fantasy Sheep on Taobao. This would take the longest time to arrive out of all costume parts.

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    PAX Prime 2011 & Kumoricon 2011

    The white one-piece dress with a ribbon

    I will be attending PAX Prime 2011 in Seattle, Washington, from August 26th through 28th, 2011.
    Planned cosplays:
    – Recette Lemongrass, from Recettear ~Itemya-san no Hajimekata~

    I will also be attending Kumoricon 2011 in Vancouver, Washington, from September 3rd through 5th, 2011. I will be attempting to locate the rest of the Super Peace Busters at the convention.
    Planned cosplays:
    – Recette Lemongrass, from Recettear ~Itemya-san no Hajimekata~
    – Menma (Honma Meiko), from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.

    Back from Sakura-Con 2011

    Back now. That was fun.

    Best times were had chomping on people’s heads with Charlotte, posing with Mami-san and VOfan, attempting to sell Toradora! near the NIS America booth, meeting a ton of people new and old, laughing at the NicoNico booth comments, and hugging all those adorable girls.

    If anyone has NicoNico Douga stream photos or video uploads, please let me know. I couldn’t see a thing out of my Charlotte costume and the Cirno and I (and Sakuya and Bromiji) are very curious about what people said. We were quite nervous with the people asking us questions and attempting to read comments (and failing) simultaneously.

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    Quick Sakura-Con 2010 Summary

    Fresh out of the Cosplay Contest

    – Slept only 2 hours due to worrying about forgetting something to take to the con. Forgot contact lens for cosplay, realizing so about 2 hours into the drive.
    – Arrived at hotel after 10pm. Finally got to sleep after 1am.

    – Woke up at 5am to get to the con early. Found wind and rain greeting us in Seattle, waited for the bus in Haruhi cosplay with a short skirt. Nearly froze.
    – Drank a matcha latte to warm up and stay awake. Aghast upon realizing that it was not working well with lactose intolerance.
    – Set up Artist Alley table. Met awesome tablemates. Realized that the display stand was about a foot too short.
    – Went to Ito Noizi autograph session, got her signature on Haruhi novel, then neglected to protect the novel, so 25% of the ink has rubbed off since. Ms. Ito made comment to her manageress (“It’s the Disappearance movie Haruhi, isn’t it” “Yeah, it’s the Disappearance Haruhi”).
    – Went to karaoke contest. Realized I was so tired there was no way I could belt out any song of quality. Gave up the rest of the contest.
    – Went back to hotel in the rain and wind to change into Hideyoshi cosplay. Returned to convention, learned to stuff to create That Bulge, sat in a daze for the swimsuit contest.

    Higurashi vs. Umineko

    Umineko Photoshoot

    I don’t even know what to make of this scenario

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    Sakura-Con 2010 Meetup + Artist Alley

    BEATRICE! Oh, BEATRICE, my love!

    Is anyone else going to Sakura-Con 2010, taking place in Seattle, Washington, from April 2nd through 4th? My cosplay group will be there for late Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday at the very least. We’re doing a group Umineko no Naku Koro ni cosplay, with a Kinzo, George, Battler, and Ange.

    We’ll also be in the Cosplay Contest with a skit, titled “Law & Order: Seacats”. It has Scooby-Doo and Phoenix Wright. Come and watch if you can, but we’ll also try to find someone to tape the event, too.

    I will have a table in the Artist Alley and be selling art there, so if you’re going to Sakura-Con, feel free to stop by my table. Currently I only have Vocaloid, Touhou, and Umineko art to go. You may request any art in the comments below.

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    Going to Kumoricon 2009

    A very late notice, but I’ll be attending Kumoricon 2009 in Portland, Oregon, from September 5th through 7th.
    If you make it there and see something like the above picture, that might be my group.
    I’m throwing together a costume in three days.



    And so I survive for another night.

    On a side note, I’m mildly annoyed that the anime made the beads of Maria’s bracelet blue instead of (what I assume they were in the game) green.

    Anime Evolution 2009 Cosplay Contest

    Credits go to MisoStudios for videotaping and uploading the clip

    My cosplay group was god-awesome. Massive props to my friends. I’m so happy with how our skit turned out, despite that we only had about three days to work on it. Special shout-out to my kid brother for braving it on stage.

    For some reason, people were laughing at times when we didn’t think there was a joke or anything funny (i.e. Kaito shaking Len). So if you can figure out why it was so funny, please let me know.

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