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Vampire Knight Guilty Opening Theme – Rinne -Rondo-

Metempsychosis -Rondo-
Vocals: ON/OFF
Lyrics: Mioco
Composition: Nakano Yuta
Arrangement: h-wonder

If the white rose petals open one by one, will the memories from those days revive?
Illuminated by peace, the night that makes flowers bloom is sweet yet painful and becoming colorful

Like following a shining thread, time is flowing quietly
While people stick to the movement of flow and ebb, they are reborn

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Vampire Knight Guilty Ending Theme – Suna no O-shiro

Castle of Sand
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon
Lyrics: Wakeshima Kanon
Composition: Mana

Quietly flowing
Dried clouds pass by
The gray me
Just watched their vanishing

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Vampire Knight Opening Theme – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi

Two Pulses and Red Sins
Vocals: ON/OFF
Lyrics: mavie
Composition: Kurosu Katsuhiko
Arrangement: h-wonder

Shaking in red, in red, in red
To the edge of the dream, of the dream
We can’t be separated

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Vampire Knight Ending Theme – still doll

Here’s a scan of the ED lyrics graciously provided by Hisana. The first line is “Hi Miss Alice”.

still doll
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon
Lyrics: Wakeshima Kanon
Composition: Mana
Arrangement: Mana

Hi Miss Alice.
With glass eyes
What kind of a dream
are you able to have?
Are you entranced by?
Again for me
My heart tears apart
and bleeds
My memories
stab into
the mended cracks

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