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SHUFFLE! Essence+ Opening Theme – Link-age

Mirage Lullaby is still more legendary than this song.

Vocals: YURIA
Lyrics: Nishimata Aoi
Composition: Attyorike
Arrangement: ms-jacky

In a piece of my memories, we were gazing at the night sky that forgot to shine
The promise from the past is our magic that we dreamed of in our childhood days

Believing that God exists, I prayed
Even if it’s a dream that won’t come true, I’ll keep on wishing
While I can’t slip out from the lurking darkness and go to your heart
Even good and evil fade in and out

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SHUFFLE! Character Image Vocal Album: Shuffle Time – only one, only love

This song is also featured as the 2nd ending theme of SHUFFLE! MEMORIES.

only one, only love
Vocals: Goto Yuko as Fuyo Kaede
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Attyorike
Arrangement: Attyorike

For my one and only you
I’ll embrace this feeling forever ♪

It’s my one task on a common sunny morning
I open the door to your room on the second floor
And the usual scene, your usual sleeping face
Give me a whole day’s worth of energy

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SHUFFLE! Ending Theme – innocence

Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Attyorike

We are walking together; we are searching together
But what reflects in my eyes is your wavering figure

What is between you and I
Is the sea of noise where dreams mix together
Which is unchanging is only breathing inside of you

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SHUFFLE! Opening Theme – YOU

Vocals: YURIA
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Attyorike
Arrangement: Suzuki Masaki

Words for you that I hold close to my chest
I want to tell them to you someday

An overflowing passion and throbbing heartbeats
I don’t know when they began
But since I’ve noticed my unfading feelings once
And that I can’t lie anymore-

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SHUFFLE! Game Nerine Ending Theme – In the Sky

In the Sky
Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Naito Yuji
Arrangement: Naito Yuji

The first time when I noticed the sound of ripples
I was still nothing but perplexed then
The spreading wavelets
Still continue now, but…

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SHUFFLE! Game Opening Theme – Mirage Lullaby

Mirage Lullaby
Vocals: YURIA
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Attyorike

On this road that leads to you
I step firmly and bloom again
I seek traces of the dream
That dyes this nightless town scarlet

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