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Yozakura Quartet Ending Theme – Nagareboshi

Shooting Star
Vocals: ROUND TABLE featuring Nino
Lyrics: Ito Rieko
Composition: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Arrangement: Kitagawa Katsutoshi

Waves of people pass by, the evening sky stays far away
The sound of the bustling city surrounds my usual road home

My squeamish and lying heart wants to dream
Because I want to say goodbye to my weak self
I want to protect you

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Yozakura Quartet Opening Theme – JUST TUNE

Vocals: savage genius
Lyrics: Aa
Composition: Fujita Junpei
Arrangement: Fujita Junpei

The things I want to protect are here
Following me without hesitation

The light red winds are afterimages of that day
Show hidden truth and scars that won’t fade
Reality that can’t be measured in equations
The melody of tomorrow that light shines on

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