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Soul Eater Repeat Show 1st Ending Theme – Ao no Kaori

Blue Scent
Vocals: Makino Yui
Lyrics: Makino Yui
Composition: Tsuda Naoshi
Arrangement: Tsuda Naoshi

Beneath the cerulean sky, the breeze blows, the flowers sway
A trail of tears falls down my cheek
The loneliness from the days when I couldn’t fill it spills out
Hold me close, hey…

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Soul Eater Character Song 2 – Mai☆Sutaa

Vocals: Kobayashi Yumiko & Nazuka Kaori as Black☆Star & Tsubaki
Lyrics: meg rock
Composition: Suyama Jun
Arrangement: nishi-ken

C’mon, let’s begin
An angry wave of show time
Clearly burn into
The moment when the world prostrates

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Soul Eater Character Song 1 – Moobu-iro no Sympathy

Mauve-Colored Sympathy
Vocals: Omigawa Chiaki & Uchiyama Koki as Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans
Lyrics: Sakura Tanpopo
Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu

[Maka] I admire, Ah, that howling moon high up in the deep, mauve-colored night
[Soul] Their souls that I smell in the smashed and scattered debris, So, are shouting

[DUET] Two destinies live in darkness
[Maka] When my hand [Soul] and my arm
[DUET] resonate with each other, now shake up! shake up!

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Soul Eater 2nd Opening Theme – PAPERMOON

Corrected on December 16th by Atashi.

Vocals: Tommy heavenly6
Lyrics: Tommy heavenly6
Composition: Chiffon Brownle

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
Holding my breath
I’m waiting on a Deadly Night

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Soul Eater 2nd Ending Theme – Style.

Vocals: Nishino Kana
Lyrics: Nishino Kana
Composition: Maeda Kazuhiko
Arrangement: Maeda Kazuhiko

If you and I begin
To knock on the entwining doors
What kind of future is waiting for us?
Yes, what adults yearn for is a perfect style
Someday, like gears turning
It will be like everything overlaps

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Soul Eater 1st Opening Theme – resonance

Vocals: T.M.Revolution
Lyrics: Inoue Akio
Composition: Asakura Daisuke
Arrangement: Asakura Daisuke

If the lamplight of connected souls points toward your heart
Can you hear a resonance stronger than words now?

Our eyes barely even meet, but our fates are intertwined
Our destinations are exactly the same, so run through the unbearable night alongside me

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