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Gyakuten Ippatsuman Opening Theme – Gyakuten Ippatsuman! 3C

Turnabout Ippatsuman! 3C
Vocals: Yamamoto Masayuki & Pink Piggies
Lyrics: Yamamoto Masayuki
Composition: Yamamoto Masayuki
Arrangement: Jinbo Masaaki

Papapapapapapapapah Ippatsuman
I love, I love that smile
Embracing my dreams, my dreams
If I call out, if I call out, he’ll appear
Flying through time, through time
From where?! That’s mysterious
Why?! That’s because of love
With wings faster than the wind
With a heart hotter than flames
C’mon (c’mon), c’mon (c’mon), Turnabout
You won’t let evil pass through here
C’mon c’mon, c’mon c’mon, Turnabout
The passageway of justice goes from here
Papapapapapapapapah Ippatsuman

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