Sakura-Con 2010 Meetup + Artist Alley


Is anyone else going to Sakura-Con 2010, taking place in Seattle, Washington, from April 2nd through 4th? My cosplay group will be there for late Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday at the very least. We’re doing a group Umineko no Naku Koro ni cosplay, with a Kinzo, George, Battler, and Ange.

We’ll also be in the Cosplay Contest with a skit, titled “Law & Order: Seacats”. It has Scooby-Doo and Phoenix Wright. Come and watch if you can, but we’ll also try to find someone to tape the event, too.

I will have a table in the Artist Alley and be selling art there, so if you’re going to Sakura-Con, feel free to stop by my table. Currently I only have Vocaloid, Touhou, and Umineko art to go. You may request any art in the comments below.

Cosplay Schedule
Suzumiya Haruhi (the Disappearance movie version)

Kinoshita Hideyoshi (for Swimsuit Contest at 1am)
Eva-Beatrice (mainly for Cosplay Contest)

Whatever my cosplay group fancies

One-Day Closet Cosplay

18 responses to “Sakura-Con 2010 Meetup + Artist Alley

  1. wow You must post the group picture one somewhere I want to see it

  2. I’ll be looking for you on Saturday! I won’t be cosplaying, but I was hoping that if I found you, if I could take a picture of you? o-o

  3. Wait!! You’re doing something with Phoenix Wright and Scooby-Doo too?! THAT’S TOTALLY CRAZY, MAN!! My best friend and I are gonna be doing Beato and Battler for our Australian con at the end of the year (yay for crossplay! X3) and we have this ongoing joke of Umineko (more specifically Battler) and Scooby-Doo!

    That’s what I call Bernkastel powers 😀 xx

    (Oh yeah! Have a good time! :D)

  4. Oh, I hope I’ll be able to see your Umineko group and the Cosplay Contest!

  5. Too bad I’m oversea ;_;
    I hope there’ll be a tape, also looking forward to see your eva-beatrice

    And that haruhi looks very awesome XD just remember not to smile a lot, lol

  6. …Do you really have a Beato portrait? AHSDJKLASF WANT.

    Anyways, I’m cosplaying Evatrice on Saturday as well, so I’m super excited to see you there 8D The Haruhi cosplay looks great as well~

  7. I didn’t get to see Atashi on Saturday, but I was wondering, were you successful in meeting Noizi Ito? I managed to wait in line on Saturday to get it, she’s very pretty. And I couldn’t find your artist table unless there was someone selling for you, haha~ I did purchase a Umineko art, so I was wondering if that would be your table…

    • Yes, I was successful in meeting Ms. Ito, on both Friday and Sunday. I went as Disappearance Haruhi for an autograph on Friday and she commented on my costume to her manager (in Japanese), probably unaware that I understood what she was saying. On Sunday I went to her press conference and actually got to talk to her with my broken Japanese and a photo, too.

      Ohh, what Umineko art did you get? I was running in and out of the Artist Alley a lot and two awesome table partners were also selling at the same table (and friends randomly milling around).

      • That’s very amazing! Hehe, it seems like you had tons of fun! The autograph session went over its allotted time, but I was so happy to have gotten an autograph. And congratulations on getting a photo! ^-^
        I hope you had fun!

  8. Hope to see pictures or videos from the con uploaded 😀
    and happy belated birthday (if it isnt an april fools joke)

  9. Found this last night on Flickr:


    Smallbombs aren’t small? >_< Damn, I missed seeing Kinzo.

    I was the older guy (not 40 yet! …for a bit longer at least, orz) in the loud Z Gundam Hawaiian shirt and can't pronounce Ange right, lol. Somewhat ironically, the static pose I took of your Evatrice came out blurry, but the one "action" one I thought I botched came out really clear and totally in-character. Will give a shout when I get my con photos posted up on one of my misc. pages. ^_^ It's my first time taking con photos (except of Japanese guests of honor) so I need to practice leveling up my mad camerakozo skills.

    Haruhi and of course the dear Hideyoshi-kun were great too. I wonder how many folks there knew BakaTest, but if you confused folks in the audience at the swimsuit competition, then that can only be counted as a success, right?

    • Awesome. Thanks for sharing the photo link.
      It was great meeting you. Let me know when your photos are up. 😀

      • It was wonderful to meet you too!

        Well, here we go:

        I grouped it with a reduced version of the blurry one and the Battler vs. Haruhi shot I got when I first came to your booth, lol. Lone Island Syndrome Redux? Does Battler “being” Koizumi put a new perspective on the events of Rokkenjima? There’s also a shot of the Ange art in one of my other folders in that collection. ^_^

        Sorry to hear you had a rough time. I got locked out of a garage and a flat tire on Friday and Saturday night and thought things were rough. I think you had it worse. But a really fun con all the same, largely brightened by meeting you! 😀

        A question–I do have a few pics from the swimsuit contest that were okay. Not great, and I was unable to get “before” shots due to distance from the stage. I don’t think I’m going to post them on my Flickr page or such, but I can either pass them on to you or post them somewhere (cough 4chan cough) if you’d like to see them. Just ten pics, of which you are fully visible in six. I hope someone will post some better photos soon, in any case.

        Thanks for encouraging me to come to the show, it was awesome and I had planned to go originally but for some reason had thought it was the next evening, so I was able to revise my Friday night schedule thanks to your heads up. 😀

  10. haha i remeber this! i saw you and you cosplayed this beautifully!!! i even got a picure as another haurhi with you!

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