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Jingai Makyo Opening Theme – Kokou no Tama

The first half of the song is sang in Mandarin Chinese (though the pronunciation skill level is questionable). At least that’s a language that I understand. There’s also a part of the song that’s in Latin, so if someone can take a look at it and verify whether I got it right or not, that will be great.

Aloof Soul
Vocals: Ito Kanako
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: Oyama Yo

Oh clouds, oh tears, I gaze at the moonlight with smoke; the sky is ivory-colored
Oh love, oh sadness, I go on and on to the ends of the world

What of fate? It’s rare for us to reunite; I don’t see you
I swallow my tears and my voice is thin, revealing my feelings

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