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Shonen Onmyoji Ending Theme – Yakusoku

Vocals: Kiuji Saori
Lyrics: Hirota Yuka
Composition: Hirota Yuka
Arrangement: Matsuura Akihisa

Within the deep darkness, I heard your voice
“I believe you”; just that one phrase echoed in my heart
You would always be by my side
You would always give me courage
In order to keep protecting our future
I promise you, my precious
That I won’t give up
I’ll surpass myself further and further
Surely, surely, surely

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Shonen Onmyoji Opening Theme – Egao no Wake

Instituting a second new formatting in lyrics: correct number of line breaks to match the original printed lyrics, if applicable.

The Reasons for Smiling
Vocals: Hikita Kaori
Lyrics: Ito Yuko
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: HAL
Chorus Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

When the wound within your locked-up memories
Touches your heart soundlessly
You’ll smile kindly; but behind it, there are tears of loneliness

Yearn for a boundless strength
And with those who you believe in, dash upwards many times

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