Downloads & Sources

Lyrics Sources
– I try to use the lyrics from the booklet or jacket that comes with the CD whenever possible.
– For most songs, I use Uta-Net and Anime Song no Kashi nara Koko ni O-makase?.
– For the newest of new songs, like OP and EDs that only aired a day ago on TV, or doujin music, I use NicoNico Douga.
– For Vocaloid songs I use the Hatsune Miku Wiki.

Music News & Downloads
– An entry-level place to start looking for mp3 downloads is, which has thousands of songs. Just register a free account and download one song at a time.
– For higher quality or the most recently released songs, try torrenting files from Tokyo Toshokan or Nyaa.

Translation Resources
– I mainly use Alc and goo Dictionary and Tangorin to look up unfamiliar Japanese terms.

Merchandise & Purchases
– I buy most of my merchandise from Suruga-ya and Yahoo! Auction Japan. The rest are scattered across HobbyLink Japan, Movic, and AmiAmi.
Cospatio) is my grail of cosplay goods.

Art & Scan Resources
– The top source I use is the anime’s official (koushiki) book, also known as the guide/visual/fan/perfect (usually it’s two of those words in a combo) book. I consider the printed colors to be as true to original as possible (better than a home printer printout) and I take the book directly into fabric stores and match colors right off the rack.
– I also look for magazine scans or poster art sometimes for cosplay references. The first site I usually check is, followed by danbooru and Konachan.
– For vectors and custom paintbrushes and patterns I usually check on Pixiv and deviantART to see if there’s something useful.

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  1. Thanks for the Negima lyrics–and very nice site design. I like it a lot. Good luck with your cookies! I burn things a lot too for the same reason… >.

  2. Teh Spagetti

    Rawrr. You’re website exceeds the boundaries of gods

  3. Arigato Gosaimasu!

    This site is suspiciously helpful… this isn’t an “I’ll help you if you sell me your soul” thing is it? Because I allready sold it.

  4. Oh man! I loves you.
    The romanji lyrics are so helpful, they even helped me sing the death note theme at school perfectly, even though I have so little knowledge of japenese. x] Best website evarzz! :hug:

  5. think that gendou is a very good site to download from. It always works for me. ou justhave to wait bit between every song you try to download.

  6. hello! uhm i just wanted to say can you sent me the song of Mirage Lullaby and Look at me by Yuria and I say yes by Ichiko..PLZZ!! if so THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! 🙂

  7. Whoa, this is one of the coolest sites EVER! I’m kinda waiting at the moment for episode 25 of Kamichama Karin to load, so I’m just killing time… Great lyrics, spesh. for Ouran! Thanks 😀 xxx

  8. thanks to u i have my own haruhi suzumiya site because i downloaded the opening and ending 😀 so thanks, but i’m wondering if u could download the all 3 pani poni dash openings and i believe the 2 endings cause i LOOOOVE the music

  9. I love this site. its better than xmas my birthday and any other crap sajflakjnr THANK YOU !

  10. First of all, you have a lovely voice.

    I have been scouring the internet for a karaoke version of Zessei Bijin to no avail. I have even searched in japanese kana. You would be my favorite person in the whole world if you would email or upload the karaoke version of the song you used in your video. Thank you SO much ❤

  11. I love this site ^o^. It’s been really helpful, thanks for the lyrics. Thank you !!!

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