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Naruto 6th Ending Theme – Ryuusei

Vocals: TiA
Lyrics: TiA & Kobayashi Natsumi
Composition: TiA & Kawano Kei
Arrangement: Kawano Kei

On my shoulders that came to a halt
I felt the wind heading for tomorrow
Like stardust, the lights of the city
Enveloped the two of us

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Anime Evolution 2009 Cosplay Contest

Credits go to MisoStudios for videotaping and uploading the clip

My cosplay group was god-awesome. Massive props to my friends. I’m so happy with how our skit turned out, despite that we only had about three days to work on it. Special shout-out to my kid brother for braving it on stage.

For some reason, people were laughing at times when we didn’t think there was a joke or anything funny (i.e. Kaito shaking Len). So if you can figure out why it was so funny, please let me know.

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Naruto Shippuden 4th Opening Theme – CLOSER

Vocals: Inoue Joe
Lyrics: Inoue Joe
Composition: Inoue Joe

If you don’t always pay attention
To the things near you
They’ll get too close
And you’ll seem to lose sight of them

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Naruto Shippuden 3rd Opening Theme – Blue Bird

Blue Bird 
Vocals: Ikimono-gakari
Lyrics: Eguchi Akira                                                                                        Composition: Mizuno Yoshiki
Arrangement: Mizuno Yoshiki

If you could flap your wings, you would never come back down    
You always aimed for that blue, blue sky

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Naruto 5th Opening Theme – Seishun Kyousoukyoku

Maniac Concerto of Youth
Vocals: Sambomaster

Connecting the dried up words
Nevertheless, we just want to convey our simple thoughts
The blowing and darkened wind on that day
Threw away into yesterday’s ruins
I’ll laugh with you; I’ll live the present

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