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11eyes Ending Theme – Sequentia

Vocals: Asriel
Lyrics: KOKOMI
Composition: Kurose Keisuke
Arrangement: Murakami Jun

On an incomplete red night, the melody of love adorns the altar
The promise that was made under the hollowed moon is…

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11eyes Opening Theme – Arrival of Tears

My only gripes about 11eyes: the skirt and sailor collar of the girls’ school uniform are badly designed. The collar looks like a mutated butterfly on both sides, and the tartan skirt looks really tacky. Update: After three weeks of staring at the uniform, the mutated butterfly is starting to look better. Can’t say the same for the tartan skirt though.

Otherwise I’m a sucker for any male lead voiced by the sultry Ono Daisuke.

Rating: 7/10. ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Arrival of Tears
Vocals: Ayane
Lyrics: Ayane
Composition: Tatsh
Arrangement: Tatsh

If the red night wakes me up in a twisted awakening
The black darkness and eternal slumber are scared of the moonlight

Even if the flames burn away the world that they envelop
I only don’t cease prayer, for the sake of tomorrow I promised my friends

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