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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Ending Theme – Shintouatsu Symphony

Osmotic Pressure Symphony
Vocals: Asumi Kana as Tsukuyomi Sasami
Lyrics: Maeyamada Kenichi
Composition: Maeyamada Kenichi
Arrangement: Maeyamada Kenichi

Even after I say, “See you tomorrow, bye-bye!!”
Somehow, I miss you immediately (in the stream of love)
During the entire time until I get on the train
I still want to hear your voice (just feeling your heart)

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Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Opening Theme – Alteration

Vocals: ZAQ
Lyrics: ZAQ
Composition: ZAQ
Arrangement: ZAQ

My seasons are brought forth
by the fingertips of God
A song shakes me awake from my slumber
that was longer than how far away the starry sky is

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