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Amagami SS+ Ending Theme – Kokuhaku

Vocals: azusa
Lyrics: azusa
Composition: azusa
Arrangement: azusa, t. sato & r. wat

The sound of a motorbike bringing the morning announces the passage of time
I’m ready to give you my feelings that can’t go anywhere else anymore

My plan embedded in the future
is that I want you to be by my side

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Amagami SS+ Opening Theme – Check My Soul

Check My Soul
Vocals: azusa
Lyrics: azusa
Composition: azusa
Arrangement: azusa, t.sato & r.wat

At the moment when we met, I sensed my destiny
Wanting it make it certain
Will I be by your side today, too? By every part of you—

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Amagami SS 7th Ending Theme – Koi no Yukue

My Amagami girls ranking:
Risa >>>> Kaoru = Miya > Rihoko > Tsukasa = Haruka > Sae = Ai

Direction of Love
Vocals: Kadowaki Mai as Kamizaki Risa
Lyrics: Yuka-ri
Composition: Yoshikawa Kei
Arrangement: pOlOn

Even when I’m asleep, even when I’m awake, I miss you
I’d been gazing at you all this time
During your high-spirited evenings, too
During your depressed days, too

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Amagami Ending Theme – Zutto, Kono Mama de…

From the original PS2 game.

Stay Like This, Forever…
Vocals: Nazuka Kaori as Ayatsuji Tsukasa
Lyrics: Hiyama Nao
Composition: Iwadare Noriyuki
Arrangement: Iwadare Noriyuki

Like how the glittering and sparkling snow
Envelops everything on the Holy Night
Give me a sweet, sweet, tender kiss
Stay like this, forever…

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Amagami SS 6th Ending Theme – Nageki no Tenshi

Angel of Grief
Vocals: Nazuka Kaori as Ayatsuji Tsukasa
Lyrics: Ashizawa Kazunori
Composition: Ashizawa Kazunori
Arrangement: Ashizawa Kazunori

On the holy night when white snow scatters about…

The blue illuminations decorate the sidewalks
I stand still by myself in the bustling crowds

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Amagami SS 2nd Opening Theme – Kimi no Mama de

Who You Are
Vocals: azusa
Lyrics: azusa
Composition: azusa
Arrangement: azusa & t.sato

While you’re who you are and I’m who I am, if we can fully understand each other-

We’ve passed through many seasons; from that day to today, thank you so much
Aiming for a narrow back-alley, our white puffs of breaths dance
Pulling along my hand, which you gripped so tightly that it hurt, you head forward

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Amagami SS 3rd Ending Theme – Anata shika Mienai

I Can Only See You
Vocals: Konno Hiromi as Nakata Sae
Lyrics: Kurosawa Naoya
Composition: Kurosawa Naoya
Arrangement: Kurosawa Naoya

Feeling like seeing you, I trace in circles with my finger
If I can’t see you this afternoon, you’ll appear in my mind restlessly
Just by thinking of you
I’m happy

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Amagami SS 2nd Ending Theme – Kitto Ashita wa…

Surely Tomorrow…
Vocals: Sato Rina as Tanamachi Kaoru
Lyrics: Ogawa Maki
Composition: Yokoyama Masaru
Arrangement: Yokoyama Masaru

Why… Why…does my heart feel painful?

Saying, “It’s all right!” I pretended to give you the cold shoulder
My cheekiness, on the contrary, is the greatest extent of my bluff

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Amagami SS 1st Ending Theme – Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

I’m in Love with Your Eyes
Vocals: Ito Shizuka as Morishima Haruka
Lyrics: Fushimi Kazuyuki
Composition: Tsunami Kohei
Arrangement: Tsunami Kohei

You’re cute, and just by that, I get caught up in wanting to caress you and my eyes get dewy
When I was being playful, I thought I was just attached to you

The beginning of love is like weather that’s forecast wrong

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Amagami SS 1st Opening Theme – i Love

i Love
Vocals: azusa
Lyrics: azusa
Composition: azusa
Arrangement: azusa & t.sato

i Love you from my heart
i Love you forever with you

At the beginning and the end of 1 day
You’re always by my side, everyday is like that
When I wake up, you’ve poured some hot coffee, waiting for me
So I hugged your left arm

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