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Detective Conan (Case Closed) 13th Opening Theme – Kimi to Yakusokushita Yasashii Ano Basho made

To That Tender Place I Promised You
Vocals: U-ka Saegusa IN db
Lyrics: U-ka Saegusa
Composition: Ozawa Masazumi
Arrangement: Ozawa Masazumi

Recently, I’ve been dreaming a lot
About you suddenly disappearing
Without saying anything to me as I hung my head
You tightly gripped your hands in your pockets

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Detective Conan (Case Closed) 32nd Ending Theme – Koigokoro Kagayakinagara

Holy Marconis, Detective Conan needs to end (and I’m not even talking about the manga). I’ve been watching the show since I was nine and there’s still no end in sight. Cripes.

While Love Shined
Vocals: Naifu
Lyrics: Kojin Naoki
Composition: Morishita Shon

Within the snow that continues to fall
I hold up an umbrella and go to see you
For the first time, I have someone precious to me besides myself

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Detective Conan Edogawa Conan’s Theme – Boku ga Iru

I’m Here
Vocals: Ioli

When it’s tomorrow, my tears will dry up
My heart will be colored
For you whom a smiling face suits
This me is here always

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Detective Conan 7th Ending Theme – Still For Your Love

Still For Your Love
Vocals: Rumania Montevideo

On a night when it seems something will happen, give a prayer and close your eyes
On such a night when the moon will melt, mama said that I was born being loved

“Please don’t go faraway,” why was mama shedding tears?
I’ll be forever, forever by her side, I thought in my little heart
But that was until I met him, before my heart was shaken
And everything got groundless, I saw the future will be torn apart
C’mon, get barefooted, kick the earth, go over the rainbow, grasp the sky

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Detective Conan 5th Opening Theme – TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~

TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~
Vocals: TWO-MIX

Because only the dream hidden in your eyes
Won’t be taken away by anyone
Vividly now, embrace the truth!!

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Detective Conan 4th Opening Theme – Unmei no Ruuretto Mawashite

Spinning the Roulette of Destiny
Vocals: ZARD

Spinning the roulette of destiny
I was watching you all the time

Why is it that even though I’m this blissful
If I gaze at the horizon, I’ll get sad?
It feels as if I’m looking at the me from back then from faraway

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Detective Conan 1st Ending Theme – Step by Step

Step by Step
Vocals: Ziggy

Just my imagination, while drinking the cooled tea
I play around with the thread tied on my finger
Let’s walk lightly to the rhythm of bossa nova
Pieces of the puzzle are in my hand

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Detective Conan 1st Opening Theme – Mune ga Dokidoki

My Chest Pounds

It’s the end of a century after a hundred years; I was told to cry yet I laughed
It’s the end of a century after a long time; I’ll dash out to a broad world

Things that I was starting to understand when I was a child-
I grew up and I still don’t understand them

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