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Kobato. 2nd Ending Theme – Watashi ni Dekiru Koto

What I Can Do
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi
Lyrics: Miyakawa Dan
Composition: Miyakawa Dan

Into the crack between lost things
And gathered things
Your smile fell
I seem to reach it, yet I don’t

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Kobato. 1st Ending Theme – Jellyfish no Kokuhaku

The Jellyfish’s Confession
Vocals: Nakajima Megumi
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuho
Composition: Miyakawa Dan
Arrangement: Miyakawa Dan

Even though all people want to try to fly
They’re tricked by gravity
The truth is, everyone can fly

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Kobato. Opening Theme – Magic Number

Magic Number
Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya
Lyrics: Sakamoto Maaya
Composition: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Arrangement: Kitagawa Katsutoshi

What should I do, hm?
The ‘normal things’ are always difficult
I just laugh when I’m happy
And I want to sing whenever I like, but-

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Kobato. Insert Song – Ashita Kuru Hi

The Day to Come Tomorrow
Vocals: Hanazawa Kana as Hanato Kobato
Lyrics: Arai Akino
Composition: Hama Takeshi

Flowers bloom in spring
Oh, the sky spreads in summer
They’re engraved and sparkling
In my heart

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