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Mirai Nikki Opening Theme – Kuusou Mythology

Fantasy Mythology
Vocals: Yousei Teikoku
Lyrics: YUI
Composition: Tachibana Takaha
Arrangement: Tachibana Takaha

Consentes Dei/Juno/Jupiter/Minerva/Apollo/Mars/Ceres

In the depths of my nap, my eyes shake while closed

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Mirai Nikki Ending Theme – Blood teller (TV Size Version)

Blood teller (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Faylan
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Nakayama Masato
Arrangement: Nakayama Masato

My heart will die; my own hesitation will be the trigger
I say to you, “Save me”
Yet I waver in the voice saying, “Trust me,” that escaped from you

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Mirai Nikki [Future Diary] Chapter 26

Truth be told, I was working on the translation at late-night and on medication, so I wasn’t in the clearest of minds and I never bothered to proofread the scanlation… I apologize for the poor job on certain pages.

Anyways, you can download the scanlated chapter 26 of Mirai Nikki from Rapidshare here.

Mirai Nikki [Future Diary] Chapter 25

Raw provided by anonymous, scanlation by 4chan.
Download it from Megaupload here.

It was a quick job (the vocabulary level in Mirai Nikki is on the lower end) and mistakes or ambiguities will remain as they stand. I’m sorry about that.