Anime Evolution 2009 Cosplay Contest

Credits go to MisoStudios for videotaping and uploading the clip

My cosplay group was god-awesome. Massive props to my friends. I’m so happy with how our skit turned out, despite that we only had about three days to work on it. Special shout-out to my kid brother for braving it on stage.

For some reason, people were laughing at times when we didn’t think there was a joke or anything funny (i.e. Kaito shaking Len). So if you can figure out why it was so funny, please let me know.

By my group’s last count, our skit included:
– Bad rhymes
– References to respective series
– Botched French
– Emo bashing
– Destroying classical musicals
– Pedophilia
– Pokemon references
– Misinterpretations
– Breaking a wall, talking to the narrator
– Rickroll
– Disney “kiss of true love” references
– Yaoi (mildly homo-homo)
– Mario reference
– Star Wars reference
– Obama reference

11 responses to “Anime Evolution 2009 Cosplay Contest

  1. You guys did really well. Great job!

  2. And the crowd’s reaction at moments like Kaito shaking Len are probably just due to the spontaneity of the action. It probably doesn’t appear that funny when you’ve thought it out and that you believed it to be a normal action to wake someone up, which in my opinion, it is.

  3. HAHA awesome skit and very awesome group, well done!

  4. Maybe when the crowd laughed at that yaoi moment, it was because Len finally woke up because Kaito kissed him? I don’t know. ^^;

    Good job with the skit though, I found it interesting to watch.

  5. i laughed quite a bit. very cute.

  6. Who cares 😛 Audience laughing here and there is good :p Unless you were trying to be SERIOUS 😛

  7. ninja boy i choose your ! soooo fucking epic XD

  8. With only 3 days to prepare, that skit was great! Having VOCALOID, Kuroshitsuji, and Sasuke-bashing all in the same skit made me extremely happy. You also made a very good Ciel :D.

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  10. er uh. i agree with Fiasco.. ^^ great cosplay though..

  11. why is len wearing rin’s ribbon?

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