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Season 1 of Digimon.

Digimon 100th Title Memorial Album We LOVE DiGiMONMUSiC – Yuuki o Uketsugu Kodomo-tachi e

To the Children who Inherit Courage
Vocals: Wada Koji, AiM, Miyazaki Ayumi, Hassy, Ota Michihiko, WILD CHILD BOUND, Sammy, Tanimoto Takeyoshi

We’re here
Waiting for you to come

How many failures have we had?
Nevertheless, we want to stick our chests out at you, in the wind

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Digimon Girls Festival – Tomadoi

Vocals: Tachikawa Mimi

I softly clutched the snow that melts in my palms
I want to shut in the fleeting brilliance forever
Until my white breath disappears, I was gazing all the time
I looked up and I noticed that it had surpassed my height

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Digimon Adventure Devimon’s Theme – Dark Wing

Dark Wing
Vocals: Devimon
Lyrics: Yamada Hiroshi
Composition: Ota Michihiko
Arrangement: Ota Michihiko

You should obey me
You shall entrust your body to dark temptations
You should prostrate to me
If I want this world in my clutches

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Digimon Adventure Pinocchimon’s Theme – Haguruma-jikake no Mori

The Gear-Driven Forest
Vocals: Pinocchimon

In the forest that surrounds a building without its screws
Believe me, those guys are lost
It’s their fault for getting tricked, and I laugh
I wonder what should I do and play next

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c/w Digimon Adventure Sakuhin No. 2 “Haru” Ichouchou ~Bokura no Waa Geemu!~ – Akiramenaide

Don’t Give Up
Vocals: AiM

If you gently close your eyes and take a deep breath
Wipe your tears away; you’ll go meet the you sketched in your thoughts

There are even things that won’t turn into anything
But if you run away, nothing will change

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Digimon Adventure 2nd Movie Ending Theme – Sakuhin No. 2 “Haru” Ichouchou ~Bokura no Waa Geemu!~

Piece No. 2 “Spring” A Major ~Our War Game!~
Vocals: AiM

Gazing at the spreading sky, I took a relieved breath
I’ve put my memories into the “Time Capsule”

I’ll go out in secret to papa and mama
I carry everyone’s strength with me

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Digimon Adventure Takaishi Takeru’s Theme – Be All Right…

Be All Right…
Vocals: Takaishi Takeru

This morning I rubbed my sleep eyes again
And cheerfully said, “Laugh!”
My head seemed to keep on dreaming
As I brushed my teeth

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