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Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na -Crescent Love- Ending Theme – Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~

Crescent Love ~The Moon’s Tears~
Vocals: Nabatame Hitomi
Lyrics: Mori Yuriko
Composition: Okazaki Yujiro
Arrangement: Okazaki Yujiro

The platinum crescent moon
Now softly stands still in the sky
I look up and think
Those shooting stars are surely the moon’s tears
Then I thought of you

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Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na -Crescent Love- Opening Theme – Pureryuudo -We are not alone-

Prelude -We are not alone-
Vocals: Oto Fumi
Lyrics: Mori Yuriko
Music: Sawano Hiroyuki
Arrangement: Wada Takashi & Sawano Hiroyuki

Our encounter will certainly be the dawn of my heart
A new wind will be born from there

When I notice that I’m not alone
The transparent moon will give me a smile

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