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Hakushaku to Yosei Ending Theme – my fairy

Updated to full version.

my fairy
Vocals: Midorikawa Hikaru as Edgar J. C. Ashenbert
Lyrics: KAB.
Composition: UZA
Arrangement: Shimizu Hisayuki

I only caught a brief glance of your figure in the light
There was the wind of love before my eyes that squinted in the glare
If I embraced the lakes in your eyes
I think I’d feel like drowning
If only 1 of my wishes is to be granted, then I wish to walk together with you forever
Be by my side in this sky covered in falsehoods…my fairy

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Hakushaku to Yosei Opening Theme – FEELING

Vocals: AciD FLavoR
Composition: SHIGERU
Arrangement: Tanaka Shigeyuki & AciD FLavor

I spend the unchanging, simply unchanging ordinary days
In the same way
Just by having yearned for something different from the usual
I understand what it feels like to be anxious!

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