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Sengoku Basara 2 Ending Theme – Brave

Vocals: Van Tomiko
Lyrics: Van Tomiko
Composition: Onishi Katsumi
Arrangement: Hiraide Satoru

The sun rises, again and again
and today begins
The birds sing, dreams grow blurry
and the voice of the soul–

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Sengoku Basara II Opening Theme – SWORD SUMMIT

Vocals: T.M.Revolution
Lyrics: Inoue Akio
Composition: Asakura Daisuke
Arrangement: Asakura Daisuke

In a crazed dream, each of our blades howl

The pale crescent moon rises, the wind blows red
Without waiting for destiny, the flower weaves one
The reverberation of truth that I brandish at the last moment
only dreams about being the summit of a fleeting era

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