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Durarara!! 1st Ending Theme – Trust Me

Trust Me
Vocals: Matsushita Yuya
Lyrics: U, Juli Shono
Composition: Nakamura Jin
Arrangement: Nakamura Jin

(I) really wanna be with you
I really wanna, really wanna be with you
Cuz, you’re my love, you’re my shine, you’re my dear
So, trust me, trust me, trust me, yeah

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Durarara!! 2nd Ending Theme – Butterfly

Vocals: ON/OFF
Lyrics: Ihashi Naruya
Composition: Ihashi Naruya
Arrangement: Ihashi Naruya

Do dreams exist in an era like this?
I’m tired of saying stuff like that, but-

I’ve thought about acting tough all this time
But recently, even that has become futile

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