This site is dedicated to translations of anime (and the occasional game) lyrics.
I tend to work on lyrics from songs of currently airing animes and obscure ones from animes that I really like. This is why you won’t find much from immensely popular and older shows, such as InuYasha, BLEACH, Naruto, etc.

All lyrics and songs the translations on this site come from belong to their respective artists. The anime shows belong to their respective companies and studios. However, please send me a courtesy note if you repost them in entirety or use them in your fansub.

Addressing two issues that constantly pop up on this site:

1. A CD booklet’s lyrics are official and will always take precedence over a fansub. A fansub’s lyrics are usually transcribed by ear and prone to many misinterpretations. Unless the sub is from an official company, fansubs aren’t the most accurate source around.

2. Sometimes the singer sings more words or repeats stanzas, but the additional lyrics don’t show up in the CD booklet. Since I prefer following the the CD booklet’s lyrics faithfully, usually anything not written in the booklet won’t be posted.

A lyrics post format goes like this:
{Title of anime} {Album name (if applicable)} {Song type} – {Song title}
Death Note 1st Opening Theme – the WORLD
CLANNAD Image Vocal Album “Sorarado” – Shoujo no Gensou

I usually don’t put Japanse (kanji) lyrics up with the translation and romaji by default.

If you’d like a feed of a single category from this site, just add ‘feed/’ at the end of the category URL and save it to your RSS aggregator. For example, if you only want to see new DARKER THAN BLACK entries on this site, the RSS feed would be:


This site was started as the result of one bored Saturday afternoon in college, on September 2nd, 2006.

35 responses to “About

  1. Great site you got here 🙂 I just kept on wondering and wondering till I can’t wonder anymore of the name of the artist who sings ‘dear you-hope-‘ in your little box.net up there. Please do tell. It just kept on humming in my brain since last night..

    p.s: & thanks for the lyrics on Haruhi Suzumiya no yuutsu, music Hare hare yukai ver. Kyon =D It helps ^^

  2. @ Ky:
    Just check the matching lyrics on this website. I believe the person who sings Dear you -Hope- is Hotarubi Kakeru (last name, first), but it may be a pseudonym.

  3. Great site you have here!Keep up the good work okay?And wow,so this is what happens when people get too bored. 😛 I’ve been looking for the lyrics to anime songs and this site was just so helpful.^^

  4. Kazuki Matsuhara

    Just wondering are you fluent in Japanese? Cuz you translate songs, why not actual anime? Just wondering =P. That’s what I do, although I do both. Just keep up the good work, and also btw this is wordpress, and i like messed up on mine and deleted like the opening screen and i couldn’t put it back and it got all messed up. It can be fixed right? Cuz that’d suck if you alot of stuff like you and then messed up and had to start over.

  5. I would not call myself fluent in Japanese because my knowledge is mostly limited to reading text. I’ve only had one year of formal class and no person or culture to learn proper, day-to-day speech patterns from. I can listen to Japanese and understand questions, but I don’t have the premeditated vocabulary to reply. I’ve tried subbing before it’s very difficult for me, because I am unable to follow the speed of actual speech and remember every word.

  6. Do you do subtitle translation of anime movies?

  7. uh 220% homo homo?

    why that so sudden? did i missed something?

    or is it a site hack?

  8. Nope, not a site hack. Just an in-joke from Ouran.

  9. Wow, it’s really, how should I say? Gratifying to find someone who finds, and loves, different anime off the beaten track. I, having been to Japan and picking up a couple or so manga (30 of them n_n;) have started to translate. It’s so wonderful to be able to grasp what’s being said, is it not?
    A wonderful job, and I congratulate you. I’ll probably be lurking here from now on.
    And you’re right. Translations more of an art than a science, s two different translators are going to have two different translations. One’s not wrong, just different. Thought I should put my two cents in =D

  10. I have seen many of your translations on gendou.com and decided to check the site out. I don’t just love the lyrics but, when you talk about stuff you got from Japan and such. A funny blog I always look at to brighten my day.

  11. Hi
    I´m writing from Perú, to say thank you very much for your translations. I love anime and i love the music, but i don´t know anything about japanese but i like to know what they’re singing.
    I was looking for the Translation of the Macross Frontier’ songs and that’s how i find your blog, and let me tell you i love it already.
    It must be a lot of work translating, and for that i say thanks again.
    Take care!!!

  12. You have some amazing lyrics here! Unfortunately for us non-japanese readers/speakers, we have no choice but to rely on the lyric translations of subbers/other people, since we won’t be able to tell whether or not the lyrics are accurate, either way. It’s refreshing to know that someone out here will be posting precise lyric translations.

    Thank you for the hard work!

  13. Hello!
    I am from Germany so please excuse my bad English. I realy like the song bouken desho desho and this is why I want to ask you to be allow to use your english lyrics for a fansung on YouTube.
    All The Best

  14. You’ve a great site and resource for lyrics from anime music. I love to include a feed of the lyrics from your site on my blog cos there are always people looking/asking for English translations of anime songs. I think you did an amazing job with the translations. Thanks for putting them up. 🙂

  15. >>>Have you ever learned japanese officially? I’m trying to learn how to translat now, through lyrics, but it ain’t very easy for the kanji portions.

  16. >>> *translate

  17. I REALLY liked what you didi with the site,,,i also liked anime ,,,and the songs.congratulations for the site,you did an amazing job with the translations.Thanks for the hard work,and allthe best

  18. I like your work, thanks 😀

  19. Mate,
    Good site you have here, It is hard to find jap translated lyrics and song names from non famous anime.
    Great job keep up the awesome work!!!!
    Just wondering why i didnt find this site earlier -_- !!!

  20. hi! i am from philippines…

    i love your site very much. it is rare to see a site that translates japanese songs from anime in english…

    keep translating! =)


  21. where r u from?

  22. Just checking out ur site and I like it so I’ll keep coming back and checkin it out. XD I Am from America and currenty live in Indiana. In any case keep doin u and ur stuff is appreciated. -*^Krockyon^*-

  23. Hey,
    Great site, I was originally searching for Angel Beats! lyrics when I stumbled across your site. Not only did I find what I was looking for I discovered much more.
    Thanks again.


  24. hellooo .. dear … i like your blog , its usefull .. even tho . am a drama fan .. not soo much intooo all kind of animes , hmmm .. i watched some animes but lately i couldn’t find a good one ,..

    anyway ,…
    i wish i could learn to read the writting ,, i can understand if someone talk to me but i cant read .. !!!
    so its awesome u read and understand ..

    and i saw ur cosplays soooooo niiiice >..< i wish i can make cosplays lolz .. its impossible for me ..

    i stole some of ur pictures ..if thats ok 😛 .. not steal steal i mean it was cute so i saved them in my PC ..

    and bless u for ur hard word .. sis Gooo goo goo yaaaaaa.!!

  25. great site!!
    I loooove it!! can I know your nationality??
    are you that familiar with nihonggo?? If you’ve translated such songs then probably you are..haha..good job there!! ^^,
    I’ll keep seeing this site!
    Ki o tsukete! ^~^

    p.s.Ouran fan (KyouyaxHikaru)

  26. you really into this things dude….
    any way great blog you have

    keep up the good work…
    best regards

  27. Nice Works!^^

  28. Thank you very much for your translations 🙂 I’ll be using some of them as guidelines when I try to fit English lyrics for some of these songs to music. People like you help to keep the community alive and running 🙂

  29. I’m from China,I’m very like gosik,just I think some of the lyrics are not very exactly.But I still think you did so good.I hope later some days, resuscitated hope can be listened completely.

    Sorry I’m not good in English.:)

  30. Wolf of Brooks

    Im from the US just south of Atlanta and i seriously think that u are one of the most talented translators on the web. I applaud u. Oh, are u a fan of spice and wolf?

  31. im from indonesia… your site is the one (only one maybe) which translate japanese anime song to english.. proud for you… with this simple wordpress, you’ll be the artist…hehe take care..

  32. Your site and your work are really amazing ❤ Thanks for sharing

  33. luv dis website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got every anime i wnt and its gr8 and evryding. make sure 2 visit my website its not that gr8 but i just started it and i wnt some traffic on it plz…………. thx!!!!!!!!!! ps: dnt wnt 2 giv out my real email so i just hve done my schools lol

  34. A great, in depth site you have here. I stumbled across it when looking for the kana/kanji lyrics for Valkyria Chronicles’ music to translate. I have yet to find them, but am glad I ran into this place anyway! I know from experience that translations can be vastly different and takes some creativity to make it flow better. Usually, the meanings of the songs at least remain the same, just different approaches to presenting/conveying that meaning.

    Keep up the great work!

  35. this is a wonderful site! Its really easy to find the songs from the anime that I like. Please keep on updating such cool site~ ^v^

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