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Touhou Genso Mangekyo ~The Memories of Phantasm~ Opening Theme – Iro wa Nioedo   Chirinuru o

The song that was used for the Genso Mangekyo ~The Memories of Phantasm~ Touhou ‘anime’ video, made by Manpuku Jinja.
Lyrics will be updated and corrected once I find the lyrics sheet.

Though the Scent Lingers, the Flower Scattered
Vocals: senya
Lyrics: Kamasetora
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Iceon
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite
Adapted from Touhou ~ Mountain of Faith: The Gensokyo Gods Loved

Though the scent lingers, the flower scattered one day
It couldn’t even allow me to wander…

The flowers in full boom
taught me one day that living just for the sake of it is a sin
We can’t be parted and I can’t part from you
The feelings I hold only make my heart excited

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Touhou Felsic Mirage – Yuuon Zekka, Ryouran no Sai

Unfinished PV version on NicoNico here.

Dim Sounds and Sublime Flowers, the Prolific Coloration
Vocals: Chata, Usagi Kinoko, nayuta
Lyrics: Izumin
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Kurodori
Circle: EastNewSound
Adapted from Touhou Phantasmagoria of Flower View: Past and Present Gensokyo ~ Flower Land

The names of flowers that stained my field of view
Vanished into the ages

Together, we looked up
At the sky where petals fluttered and colors danced
And simply gazed at them wordlessly
It’s a dim memory

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Touhou Scattered Destiny – Shisou Rinne, Reirou no Tsui

Playing Phosphoric Sounds in Death, at the Brilliant End
Vocals: Nanakusa Nayu
Lyrics: Izumin
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Kurodori
Circle: EastNewSound
Adapted from Touhou ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom: Bloom Nobly, Sakura of Sumizome ~ Border of Life

Nevertheless, humans try to live, even wretchedly.
I think that is very beautiful.
The timbre of memories is carried by the wind, soaring up into the sky,
dancing freely without being pounded by the rain, and eulogizing life that is short.

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Touhou Benien – orbital ring

Song can be found on NicoNico Douga here.

orbital ring
Vocals: Hazuki Nano
Lyrics: Asaki
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Minami Yasuhiro
Circle: M-style
Adapted from Touhou ~the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: U.N. Owen is Her?

In the room where I can’t see anything, not even the flow of time reaches here
My throat grows hoarse and I forget words, unable to even speak
Years and eras pass, yet I don’t realize my own sins
“I’m here,” I cried with a hoarse voice
“I’m here,” …wanting you to notice me, I slash your throat
“I’m here,” …I don’t reach anyone
“Hurry up and find me,” how long should I cry for?
The room is cold and dark, so hurry up and let me out of here

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Touhou Rectia – Arc of Dream

Arc of Dream
Vocals: Ayakura Mei
Lyrics: Ayakura Mei
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Syrufit
Circle: AniPix
Adapted from Touhou ~Imperishable Night: Maiden Capriccio ~ Dream Battle

Being engraved quietly
The moon waxes and wanes
Ascertain that the moment will come
By its warmth

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Touhou Lyrical Crimson – Hiiro Gekka, Kyousai no Zetsu

Original PV on NicoNico Douga here.

In the Scarlet Moonlight, the End of Blooming Insanely
Vocals: Hazuki Nano
Lyrics: Izumin & Hazuki Nano
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Kurodori
Circle: EastNewSound
Adapted from Touhou ~the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: U.N. Owen is Her?

My dewy eyes are deep crimson, I ruffle my sweetly colored skirt
My childish cheeks are flushed crimson, my legs collapse in tingly pain
You’re controlled by a sweet hallucination, the tune blooms when my fingers play it
In the sound of the red black tea dripping, I gouge you deep when I toy with you

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Touhou Unchained Melody – Fragments

This is the song that was used in the opening sequence of Touhou Kinema Kan ~2nd Act~.

Vocals: narco & capo
Lyrics: capo
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Tim Vegas
Circle: Hatsunetsumiko’s
Adapted from Touhou ~Perfect Cherry Blossom: Necrofantasia

can you feel my heart?
I want to feel
The rhythm that you play
can you feel my beat?
Your smile
A melody that rocks Gensokyo

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