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Tegamibachi REVERSE 1st Ending Theme – Wasurenagusa

Vocals: Piko
Lyrics: Waka-G
Composition: Waka-G
Arrangement: samfree

If we didn’t come across each other, I couldn’t have loved you so much
Please don’t ever forget that

It comes fluttering down
Even now it wrings my heart
Every time the seasons change again
The brilliance turn monochrome

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Tegamibachi REVERSE 1st Opening Theme – Chiisa na Mahou (TV Size Version)

Little Magic (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Stereopony
Lyrics: AIMI
Composition: AIMI
Arrangement: Stereopony & BOND×R_MEN_SOUL

Throughout the world, there’s a song that I only want to sing to you
So that my thoughts will be conveyed to you

The wind that surrounded this city
Felt a little cold somewhere
And I was always alone
I thought it was okay

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Tegamibachi 2nd Ending Theme – Hikari no Kioku

Memories of Light
Vocals: Angelo
Lyrics: Kirito
Composition: Kirito

I reached out my hands into the pure white, accumulating light like in my memories from that day
So that I don’t lose them, I send my feelings, entrusted to words, to you

Illuminated by moonlight, pieces of dreams dance in the night
I even remember the warmth from when you snuggled up to me while shivering

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Tegamibachi 2nd Opening Theme – Love Letter no Kawari ni Kono Uta o.

This Song Instead of a Love Letter.
Vocals: Seira
Lyrics: Seira & Nakayama Gojiro
Composition: Nakayama Gojiro

Will you understand if I write it on paper?
Will it be visible if I turn it into words?
Everything disappeared
But my body felt heavy

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Tegamibachi 1st Ending Theme – Hatenaki Michi

Endless Road
Vocals: HIMEKA
Lyrics: Okamura Yuki
Composition: Okamura Yuki
Arrangement: Shiraishi Satori & Murayama Tatsuhiko

If I close my eyes while gazing up
at the lonely moon that has never seen dawn
Your smiling face and the curtains to the future
are there in my hands, across space and time

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Tegamibachi 1st Opening Theme – Hajimari no Hi

The Day of Beginnings
Vocals: Suga Shikao
Lyrics: Suga Shikao
Rap Lyrics: Mummy-D
Composition: Suga Shikao
Arrangement: Suga Shikao

Anyways, I wanted to escape from a town like this
So while it was still dark, we took off on a road empty of people

Where should I go so I’ll continue into the future…?
I didn’t know, so I simply ran together with you
We planned to throw away our cellphones and install freedom in ourselves
You searched around your pocket for a moment and laughed, “I feel nervous…”

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