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Kuragehime Ending Theme – Kimi no Kirei ni Kizuite O-kure

Please Realize You’re Pretty
Vocals: Sambomaster
Lyrics: Yamaguchi Takashi
Composition: Yamaguchi Takashi
Arrangement: Sambomaster

I’d really like you to realize that you’re beautiful
Why haven’t you realized it even now? It’s like you lost your heart

I’d like you to realize it soon, soon; I’d like you to understand
I’d like you to realize yourself soon; I’d like you to realize
you’re pretty

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Kuragehime Opening Theme – Koko dake no Hanashi

Just Between You and Me
Vocals: Chatmonchy
Lyrics: Hashimoto Eriko
Composition: Hashimoto Eriko
Arrangement: Chatmonchy

The fact that I’ll be singing from now–
Keep it just between you and me, okay?
I want to leave my desire
Hidden in my heart; the truth is
It’s a secret, a secret

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