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Recettear Recette Cosplay Progress

I’m making a Recette cosplay from Recettear ~An Item Shop’s Tale~ for PAX Prime 2011 and Kumoricon 2011. I am kind of on the hook to churn this out. I’ll try to update this post daily.

If you have any questions about the costume and cosplay, feel free to ask.

Day 0

– I printed out a reference picture of Recette which turned out to be a shade darker than the in-game artwork, so I took note of that fact and kept in mind to purchase raw materials a shade lighter than on the reference sheet.

– (Reference picture is of the big Recette in the background of the below picture)

– After a quick overview of her outfit, I decided to make the costume layer by layer instead of buying all of the raw materials in one go.

– I ordered a 40cm-long wig in tea brown from Fantasy Sheep on Taobao. This would take the longest time to arrive out of all costume parts.

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