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Pumpkin Scissors Opening Theme – Aoki Furanmu

The lyrics of this song were interesting to romanize and translate because Takahashi Yoko sings the phrases ‘gespenst jäger’ and ‘nobel flamme’ several times throughout the song and the kanji given for them romanize to ‘inochi o mushisareta senshi’ and ‘koukinaru honoo’, respectively. So for the translation of the lyrics, I’ve put down translated given Japanese lyrics instead of what are the sung after the first time the phrase shows up like the original kanji lyrics, and in the romanization, the romanization of katakana of the German phrases after the first time. Please tell me if this explanation doesn’t make sense to you… ^^;;

‘Gespenst jäger’ means ‘ghost hunter’ in German.
‘Nobel flamme’ means ‘noble flame’ in German.

Blue Flame
Vocals: Takahashi Yoko
Lyrics: Takahashi Yoko
Composition: Omori Toshiyuki
Arrangement: shin-go

You ignite the blue light; that is destruction, slumber, resurrection… A soldier whose life was ignored (gespenst jäger)
You got hurt, wandered, and stepped forward to the definite clandestine meeting… A soldier whose life was ignored

Ah, on your back
There are scars of your wings having been plucked
Let’s believe in something small
And grasp it again!

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