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Comic Party Revolution Ending Theme – Issho ni Kurasou

Let’s Live Together
Vocals: Motoda Emi
Lyrics: Mameda Susumu
Composition: Mameda Susumu
Arrangement: Mameda Susumu

Let’s live together right now, time is the only thing we’re lacking
We need a place to share our smiles, tears, and free time, right?
I’ll be with you forever

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Comic Party Revolution Opening Theme – Fly

Vocals: Nakayama Arisa
Lyrics: Sutani Shoko
Composition: Matsuoka Junya
Arrangement: Matsuoka Junya & Kinugasa Michio

You suddenly held my hand
So that we wouldn’t get separated in the crowds
I was really happy, yet I couldn’t squeeze back well
And on that day, I realized what it means to falls in love

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