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WHITE ALBUM 2 -introductory chapter- Opening Theme – Todokanai Koi

Unattainable Love
Vocals: Uehara Rena
Lyrics: Sutani Naoko
Composition: Ishikawa Shinya
Arrangement: Matsuoka Junya

Am I pretending to be lonely? I wonder why you’re on my mind
When I realized it, I was already attracted by you more than anyone

What should I do so that my heart will be reflected in the mirror?

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WHITE ALBUM Ending Theme – Maiochiru Yuki no You ni

Like the Falling Snow
Vocals: Suara
Composition: Kinugasa Michio

I’m worried about you, who are a loner
But the bluffing me is much, much lonelier

I think it’d be better if all of my memories with you
Are dyed pure white like the snow and erased, but…

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