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Kud Wafter Ending Theme – Hoshikuzu

Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Shirokiri Chika
Composition: Shimizu Junichi
Arrangement: Shimizu Junichi

Even now, we’re chasing after it

In the summer-colored sky where we spread the wings of our little dreams
We chase after the wind going between the clouds and we start walking

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Kud Wafter Opening Theme – one’s future

It hurts to listen to the song.

one’s future
Vocals: Suzuta Miyako
Lyrics: Shimizu Junichi
Composition: Katsu
Arrangement: Manack

The two of us held our hands together firmly, firmly
And you kissed, kissed my cheek

On my back, there are young wings
And I aimed for that high blue sky
I overcame the white clouds, chasing after your footprints
Rushing within the summer wind
I talked about my dreams in which I don’t know about hesitating
It’s like a gear that has a nostalgic strength

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