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Tales of the Abyss Image Song Album – brilliant world

brilliant world
Vocals: Ceui
Lyrics: Ceui
Composition: Odaka Kotaro
Arrangement: Odaka Kotaro

Dashing through the land of light together with the wind
Before I knew it, a torch was born in my chest

Passing through the yesterday when I stood still, now
I’ll go the thousand miles with my awakening heart

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Tales of Hearts Theme Song – Eien no Ashita

Eternal Tomorrow
Vocals: DEEN
Lyrics: Ikemori Shuichi
Composition: Ikemori Shuichi
Arrangement: DEEN & Tokinori Koichiro

What was I searching for here?
The place that I flee to is always inside of my heart

Even though I want to change, I can’t change
I hated myself

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Tales of Innocence Ending Theme – say goodbye & good day

say goodbye & good day
Vocals: KOKIA
Lyrics: KOKIA
Composition: KOKIA
Arrangement: Sawachika Taisuke

say goodbye, good day, goodbye, goodbye

Let’s walk with our own feet from here on, without looking back
The road should open up every time when you step out, so face forward, c’mon

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