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Jigoku Shojo Mitsuganae Opening Theme – Tsukihana -tsukihana-

Moon Flower -tsukihana-
Vocals: Kitade Nana
Lyrics: Kitade Nana
Composition: velvetronica
Arrangement: Negishi Takamune

To the stars that played with the darkness
I sang of love and burned up completely

Lighting the punishment
Scars from claws draw close to the daisy’s dream

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Jigoku Shojo Futakomori Ending Theme – Aizome

Indigo Dye
Vocals: Noto Mamiko
Lyrics: Aa
Composition: Takumi
Arrangment: Ohashi Megumi

Unable to even have a shallow dream or grieve eternally

The moonlight illuminates my heart
The dance of the burning flowers is my guide sign

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Jigoku Shojo Futakomori Opening Theme – NightmaRe

I’m going to make future romanizations slightly more spiffed-up now, with space breaks that correspond with the original kanji lyrics. If it looks good, then I’ll let this replace capitalization of letters in mid-line.

Vocals: SNoW
Lyrics: Yamano Hideaki
Composition: SNoW & Shinto Yasumitsu
Arrangement: SiZK
Rhythm Arrangement: Nakamura Yu-ki & Muto Marusuke
Recording & Mixing: Hamano Yasumasa

Tell me what time it is now, say that it’s a dream, and embrace me

I have recollections of the city of ruins
Inside of the photo album that I flipped through with you

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Jigoku Shojo Ending Theme – Karinui

Temporary Tie
Vocals: Noto Mamiko
Lyrics: Mieno Hitomi
Composition: Nishida Masara
Arrangement: Nishida Masara

Let’s pick memories, let’s pick flowers
I’ll decorate the darkness in my chest with a single flower

Always at a dead end, never can I escape
I’ll let my sorrow fly away on the birds in the sky

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Jigoku Shojo Original Soundtrack II – Sakura Uta

Sakura Song
Vocals: Noto Mamiko

When will the sakura flowers bloom?
They bloom when they are in their mountain homes

When will the sakura flowers smell fragrant?
When the laughing seven-year-old child plays

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Jigoku Shojo Opening Theme – Sakasama no Chou

The Inversed Butterfly
Vocals: SNoW

Someday the inversed butterfly will face the light
I cut my hair with you in the mirror
The echoing sound of footsteps in the hallway when class is in session
The sound of the incessant rain follows

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