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Rental Magica 1st Opening Theme – Sora ni Saku

Blooms in the Universe
Vocals: Komine Lisa
Lyrics: Komine Risa
Composition: Yamazaki Masumi
Arrangement: Yamazaki Atushi & Eguchi Takahito

Play your dream and overcome the night

The shadow of the waxing and waning red moon gently
Shakes the heartbeats of sadness
The wandering gravity
Reflects in my eyes
And the truth that overcomes the dark nights of loneliness is in my chest

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Rental Magica Ending Theme – Aruite Ikou.

Let’s Walk.
Vocals: Yoshida Jungo
Lyrics: Yoshida Jungo
Composition: Yoshida Jungo
Arrangement: Takumi Masanori

Holding our hurt hands together again and again
Walking on this road of nothing but anxiety
Within the days that slowly flowed by
The things that we gained
Are so warm and lovely

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