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Internet Name: Atashi
Age: 26
Birthdate: April 1st
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 156cm (5’1″)
Weight: 39kg (86lbs)
Measurements: 75cm/58cm/81cm (29.5″/23″/32″)
Shoe Size: 21.5
Blood Type: A (?)

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  1. nationality? sounds Asian due to mandarin peels…^_^

  2. She can’t be a Japanese when she said she picked up skills after digimon and pokemon. I guess she’s Singaporean?

  3. I see that you said you acquired your Japanese skills out of liking Pokemon and Digimon. (Woot) What was it that you actually did to learn Japanese?

    Thanks for the wonderfully translated lyrics by the way ^^

  4. @ Linkhei:
    Trial and error. Tons of practice. I looked at Japanese lyrics and compared them side-by-side with professional translations and tried to figure out what part referred to what.

  5. Hey, How old are u? Ur Site is very well set up and is useful. ^^ How long did it take for u to translate?

    Well, TTyl!!^^

    From CollIiNg

    By the way, i luv ur costume! Did u make it urself?

  6. Yes, I made that Haruhi costume mostly on my own, with the help of several friends whenever my sewing skills failed.

  7. lol dude read the top 😐

  8. why do you like suzumiya haru-chan?

  9. I don’t really like her or the anime.

  10. I see you’ve already got lots of praises. Haha. But I’m still confused about where you’re really from @_@. You’re an american right?

  11. I am legally American, yes.

  12. This is a very nice website, good work.
    By the way, how old are you?

  13. Old enough to be in college. ^_^

  14. southofreality


  15. いいえ、アタシは日本に行ったことが一度もありません。今は米国に住んでいますわ。

  16. southofreality


  17. では、本当に行きたいならお金を貯めよって決めてなんとか出来ると思いますよ。ハハ。頑張ってね。

  18. 興味がありますけど学生としてお金もなくてそんなことなんて出来ません。

  19. Konnichiwa! I need to ask a question. How do you deal with annoying siblings? Do you have any siblings? Just wanted to know. Sayonara!(^-^)

  20. @ Jahiah-chan:
    Hmm, I do have one sibling, but I don’t deal with him often since I’m in college. I just tease him shamelessly to make up for his being annoying. Otherwise, I adore him very much since he’s gotten a lot smarter after sixth grade.

  21. I’m in sixth grade! And I’m very smart! The reason I asked is because my cousin and his family are living with us temporarily, and he’s only three but he gets on my last nerve! Yesterday he tore one of my favorite Fruits Basket pictures that I drew!(I had drawn it two days ago) I am a very skillful artist(drawer isn’t really a word) and I keep all of my drawings in this huge red notebook, which is decorated with Fruits Basket pictures. I only use it for drawing. And he just decided to take off with it, and in his hasty getaway, he ripped the page in half.

    What would you do in this situation? Do you draw? If so, what do you draw? (Am I being annoying, because I know I get like that sometimes)

  22. @ Jahiah-chan:
    What is lost is lost and I wouldn’t be able to get a replacement. I just learn to put my valued stuff away at a better place (i.e. higher shelf).
    Yes, I do draw and you can check out some of my art on my deviantART page. I usually just doodle sketches of whatever character is on my mind in my sketchpad.

  23. Atashi, do you enjoy the Arliss show on the HBO?

  24. @ Erik:
    No, I only watch the TV for evening news.

  25. Well, I never expect that someone will learn Japanese because of pokemon n digimon. My brother’s friend is almost the same as you — he learn Japanese because of Japanese anime. I don’t think that he ever take any course on learning Japanese , but he can translate Japanese correctly (time is required).

    *Anyway, I hope that I don’t have many grammar mistake. *

  26. [the mysterious yellowish hair kakashi]

    hey there Atashi-san, I bought one of your drawings at Anime Boston. The Setsuna from Kyoshiro Towa no Sora one. Great job on it. And.. i was Kakashi.. yes a poorly Kakashi one -_-;.

  27. atashi, where are u?

  28. Hello! I was wondering if I could use your lyrics for some of my Digimon sites? (I recently renewed my interest and am building character sites like whoa.) I’m not going to take all of them, just the ones that involve Sora, Miyako, Iori, and Kouji. (Junpei, Tomoki, and Takeru are still… pending in idea. XD) I’m sorry if I’m asking too much, and I will definitely credit you. Thanks in advance!

  29. Wait….you’re telling me you learned to write in Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana because of comparing lyrics???…..?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  30. @ Spike Spiegel:
    Long answer short: yes. That and anime episode synopses.

  31. Then how high must your IQ be?!?!
    Or wait….it’s because you have chinese ancestry and your parents made you learn Kanji characters……>_>

  32. hey atashi,
    nice page:) me too learning japanese can u tell any useful sites/links where i can improve my japanese speaking and reading skills esplly kanjis?
    thanks a ton

  33. how do u deal with moving to a different school when u are going to miss your friends??
    I have to leave my school after the first semester ends. I really don’t want to move though.

  34. Merry Christmass 🙂
    and whatever 🙂 that snow scare me 🙂 I though my monitor goes crazy 🙂
    btw any problems with me adding you gtalk ?

  35. oh i love preserved mandarin orange peels, i love the sliced preserved mango toos, also preserve plums, favorite things to eat as sweets in taiwan ^^

  36. The translations that you have realized are incredible.

  37. Cool site *just passed by it* It’s so hard to find lyrics sometimes. Byebye ^^

  38. May I create fandubs based on your translations granted that I credit and link you?

  39. I’ve sent you an email. Please read it. 😡

  40. lol, wrong smilies. D:

  41. halo. very nice to meet you. can you send me the song ‘you raise me up’ inori of romeo and juliet’s theme song?(japanese”) bthank you very much..

  42. Oh so Chiisai is like another author here. That’s nice ^ ^

  43. Lindsey A.K.A Sakura-Fox5_12

    Ooh! Dark Chocolate eh? I like your style! 🙂
    nice place here I still find it amazing that you learned Japanese through Anime! hehe..Go Pokemon/Digimon! (Although I’ve been learning a fair amount through listening to Anime Music)

    Anyway would there be anyway I ask for A lyrics translation to a song I’ve looked through all the results on Google (There weren’t that many) and absolutely CAN NOT find the Eng. translation anywhere
    (though I know the Jap. lyrics if that helps) also it’s not from any of the listed Anime It’s from a
    show called “Rurouni Kenshin” and the song is called “Suki toka ja Nakute…” (Its not like I’m in love…)

    there is also 1 other song in that same situation I’d like trans’d (“Nana Iro no Kaze” Seven-Colored/Rainbow Wind) although not quite as much as I’d like the 1st to be Translated
    so..yeah please respond soon

    ~Ani(me) Chick Lindsey o^_^o
    Also Known As… 0_o
    Sakura-Fox5_12 (>^^)>

  44. Lindsey A.K.A Sakura-Fox5_12

    …And why the heck did a wink smilie appear after my song title of Suki toka ja Nakute?

  45. Lindsey A.K.A Sakura-Fox5_12

    I’ve sent you an E-mail with the lyrics (sorry I didn’t wait for your response it’s still your choice though)

  46. Atashi, would you post the lyrics to “Life is like a melody” -Lia-Tomoyo After if I send you pictures of my slender, glass-wearing self? I could resort to more desperate measures if you don’t.

  47. @ Danny-Ren:
    After seeing countless photos on /cgl/…

    Anyhow, after that threat, I will go take a look at the song. I’m quite busy this summer with two part-time jobs, so I haven’t done much lyrics in the past few months.

  48. This is not website, it’s blog… Amazing blog!!
    You create it with your friend Chiisai only?? Incredible blog! I’m your fan now! 🙂

  49. do you have a online shop? ps i like your site!

  50. I’ve sent you an email again, seeing as you probably ignored the other one. -.- Please read it. お願い。

  51. Do you mind if I add you on MSN?

  52. iam having trouble with yahoo auctions jp where is the shipping price and how much is a dollar to yen

  53. @ alec1000:
    Go use the Google currency converter. Also, I’d advise you to not buy stuff off of Y! Auction because you’d need a Japanese address and bank account.

  54. Atashi! Is your gmail down? I somehow can’t seem to send you emails o_o.

  55. My Gmail works. I don’t think it’s not accepting e-mails.

  56. Odd…I don’t think I’m typing it wrong though…lemme try again later. o_o;

  57. hi there, I just joint wordpress, and I’m really into anime,manga and game. so, I like your blog. I just linked yours to mine, my blog don’t have music(until now) or lyrics, just some guitar tab for anime and game songs, when you have some times come by and check it out, it’s really fun and easy.
    nice to meet you.

  58. konnichiwa! Congratulations for having a beautiful site and for being able to learn how to translate japanese. I am also in the process of learning how to translate because of anime but I am not that successful yet so you are a definite inspiration for me. 🙂

    By the way, is it alright for me to post the lyrics for rental magica on my site? I wil be be giving you credits for it. Just that one. Please? It’s hard enough to find it. And also can I add you on my blogroll? I want others to be able to see your site too…

    doomo arigatou..

  59. @ Yuki:
    Yes, you may.

  60. doomo arigatou! 🙂

  61. *_* KAWAAIIII XD Sry…

    What i just wanted to say… first I love your site, it´s very useful and *_* XD Nice adjective… but I also wanted to say… there was a big mistake in the text before the lyrics on the site of the ef – a tale of melodies opening ebullient future… I wrote a comment ^^

    BUT it´s such a nice site! I love it ^^

  62. hi Chiisai, thanks for drop by and comment on my blog
    my blog is not just about gravure idol, recently I’m just a little bit obsessed with posting their pictures
    by the way, tell Atashi that she is cute, as good as the girls on my blog 😀

  63. @ jacktruong:
    Hi again, it was no problem at all. 🙂
    And ok, now I understand. What other things are your blog about? (I haven’t searched around on it too much).

    Hehe, I’m sure she knows. ^^

  64. errrrr, it’s hard to answer that question, I planned to put a lot of stuff on it, but I’m too busy and it takes quite some time
    anyway, I update my blog with lot of changes. Now it looks waaaaaay better than before. Come by and check it out if you have time
    I will put on some movie review, some biology and health article on it later

  65. From your name, I would say you are a ABC(America borned Chinese). Is that right?

  66. @ Summoner:
    I am not an ABC. (Unless you’re directing it at Chiisai)

  67. @ Summoner and Atashi:
    I’m not an ABC either. I’ve never lived in America.

  68. @Atashi

    I thought only the Chinese would have the name like this…Li, Jian Liang (李建良) or Liang, Li Jian (梁力建)..whatever which one, it still sounds like a boy’s name XD

  69. @ Summoner:
    Ah, I see. “Li Jianliang” is one of my pseudonyms online. It is the pinyin spelling of Lee Jenrya’s name from Digimon Tamers.

  70. LOL now I got it…that’s funny

  71. Atashi, you’re cool, nice page ^^ ~Desu

  72. Hi there! A very nice and useful site you have here 🙂
    Ok this is way off topic but do you still sing 😉
    I loved your song entries some years ago in Gendou haha.

  73. Just random, did you change your header image? Think last time it was you holding the star in a different place =p

  74. hey i love ur web page its a very releif knowing u can download and read the lyrics towards my fav anime .but i m trying to download songs also by bleach do u happen to have them?

  75. congratulation for your site, really interesting too. I have learned a lot of new things about japan. I like Shakugan no shana so much too and please can u help me : i would like to know where u found the shana pendant, it look so nice.

    Sorry for the mistakes, i’m just a french girl 😉

  76. Atashi san~ do you like sashimi? O.O

  77. Dear Atashi,

    I was wondering what size are you (American). I’m not being sketchy, I want to buy a Mary Magdalene dress, and I saw your review on how small it was (and you seem to be really skinny), so… My three sizes are B32″/24″/32″ and I’m 5’3″…

  78. @ man:
    I don’t know; I’ve never tried it.

    @ Denise:
    I think it’ll fit you perfectly. MM’s dresses are made in JP women’s size 9, which is misses’ size 4 in the US. MM’s stuff is too big for me mainly in the chest area (the waist ties eliminate the waist fit problem, and hips are pretty much free sized).

  79. Thanks so much! I just put in the order, I’m really excited to receive my dress! o(^_^)o

  80. Hi there.

    Where are you from? Are you born in the US?

    You are so pretty!!!

  81. @ Seiryuu:
    No, I wasn’t born in the US.

  82. LoL! im currently on 7th grade and is obsess with jdoramas, animes and mangas.

    now im currently self-studying japanese and my classmates take me as a japanese girl. My sensei also took me as a japanese. haha!

    Anyways, Im starting a website too but I dont know what to do with it. I think ill edit videos, pictures or just put up my translated lyrics or my lyrics. Haha!

    By the way.! Your website is Awesome! How long did it took to go this far? And it help me sing my favorite songs! ^-^

  83. hey, do you have Su… Su… Su… Su… Suki, Daisuki lyrics?
    I cant find them

  84. is that you in the vampire knight cosplay on top of the page?
    anyways it looks awesome;;

    so wait. you learn from comparing lyrics? how does that work out…

    HEY!! random fact: we’re the same height.

  85. just to make sure, there’s 2 translator here right? one is atashi and another is chiisai(=.= 何で小さい? どこが小さい?)
    jk jk, don’t be angry, chiisai-kun

  86. hey i was wondering if you could sub two videos for me. they ‘re both from hearts grwo and there openings for tetsuwan birdy dedode and gintama. kasanaru kage and sora

  87. hey i was wondering if you could sub two videos for me. they ‘re both from hearts grwo and there openings for tetsuwan birdy decode and gintama. kasanaru kage and sora

  88. …your site is so cool!!…it really helped me a lot..keep up the great work!!!

  89. I just got my dress today!!! So happy, its gorgeous and a perfect fit, and the quality is amazing. Thanks atashi 🙂

  90. Konnichiwa atashi-san.. watakushi wa saber da.. juzt curious, whatz ur nationality? I guezz u’re not japanese, so r u american? Pleaze tell me, coz thiz site ga daisuki da..luv u!(read n reply please..hayaku..)

  91. Nice site u got here… Thanks for the guides and links here… Its been a very good help for me… Cheers… Hope ur site lives for ever…

  92. it says “Notes: Acquired Japanese skills as a result of liking Digimon and Pokemon too much in 7th grade. Currently attends a geek college.”

    did you just pick it up as you went along or did you use some kind of teacher? ive been very interested in learning Japanese but never had the time, luckily i have plenty now.

  93. Atashi-san,
    Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this site. I’m really grateful for it. ^_^b


  94. You have good Blog and neat song translation. XD

    Atashi-san… Saiko desu! XD

  95. Gomennasai~~~~

    But ur site is full of the lyric I want~~~

    Can I post ur Lyric on my blog?

    • p/s I already upload katayoku no tori full version lyric to my blog…..

      sorry 4 copy ur lyric without asking….>///<

  96. Hiya Atashi!

    I’m just wondering, will you be attending the “Ani-Magic” *cough cough Autumn Dream they just changed the name* con? Or have you done so in the past? I’m an Aussie who’ll be going to an American con for the first time, so yeah, I would love to talk to someone who had been to it before. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this message! 😀

  97. No probs. In a weird way, I was hoping you hadn’t so that everything shall be all ‘sparkly and new’, as it were. But I have a feeling I’ll go all Austra-lame and say “I want Animania! I want that cute Akira cosplayer! And I DON’T want 20 Naruto cosplayers instead of the usual 8!”. Yeah, random rant is over. ^^’ Thanks for replying, though! 😀

  98. Nice job,I repect your effort for sharing with us. Keep it up.

  99. Good afternoon. I like to know if you would help us with the letters in romanji anime asura cryin ‘2? Thank you expect answers!

  100. Eh… sorry again to disturb but could you do me a favour? I feel REALLy sorry, gomennasai, but could you please translate the song The Magnificent New World from YouTube where it was marked as a tribute for Ange Ushiromia? Thank you very much.

  101. Thank you for the lyrics. Best wishes.

  102. Atashi Thank you for Strobo Nights lyrics ^^
    you are lovely one.

  103. thx 4 the info ^^

  104. Is it safe to give out all this info?! D; I’m worried. xD

  105. and of course i love this website. :> like, a lot.

    thank you so much! 🙂

  106. Hi!!
    Umm, well, I have been wondering & wandering sites since coon’s age to find tips for learning Japanese, but I just couldn’t find a precise answer :/

    After reading your info, I must avow, you’re so cool mate!!!

    I don’t know from where to start (/_\)
    Katakana first? or what?
    How many years would it take?

    I really appreciate any help,
    thank you (n_n)

    • I’d recommend hiragana first, then katakana. Once you learn one set, the other comes easier. If you work hard and make helpful guides, like flashcards, you should be able to memorize hiragana and katakana in about a month. Try taking an introductory course to Japanese locally.

      Personally I started with katakana first, using Pokemon cards as memorization guides. It took me 2 months to memorize katakana, then 2 more weeks for hiragana.

  107. HI! I luv shugo chara, so I was wondering if you had more songs for it? Also, do you draw anime? I do. I really good at drawing Utau and Guardian Charas.

    Rima rox!!!

  108. hi, Atashi-chan… 🙂

  109. though it’s my first timt to come here,but I’ve realize how good is the website.
    when I first see the 凉宫ハルヒ 、初音MIKU、镜音Rin、ルルーシュandスザクat the top,you can’t imange how excited I was!

  110. 日本人です。英語が得意ではないので日本語で失礼します。
    prayers from cosplayersから来ました。


    prayers from cosplayersのページやテレビ、ネットを見てたらそう思ってしましました。

  111. A little bird told me you were the one who cosplayed Chen this year’s Sakuracon.

  112. oi, cool site!

    ano, atashi-sama, i need advice. I really want to compose a japanese song but i don’t know the language. I don’t have problem with the lyrics and the melody… all i need is to know how to translate it. using dictionaries are fine, but i would pretty much want real japanese to understand it when they hear it. I don’t want it to sound awkward to them, you know.

    so, please help me! are there sites that could translate it as accurately as possible? coz, really, it’s killin’ me here. it’s for a manga i’m working on.

    arigato gozaimasu. ^_^

  113. こんにちはアタシさん! i gotta say your lyrics are really accurate. most translators cannot grasp the actual meaning or interpretation correctly but you do very well. keep it up!

    a very big thank you for the well translated lyrics of Hiirogekka.


  114. hey atashi do you have any weapons of your own like a sword?

  115. hello, do you remember your old churuya-san parody comics from your animeblogger days? i was just wondering what the font was because i would like to start my own translation on some strips. thank you

  116. cardcaptorkarin

    can you please do youthful lyrics and transltions from chihayafuru

  117. Hi atashi,
    Who is the girl character on your website banner ?
    Thank you for your translations, it’s really good.

  118. cardcaptorkarin

    can you do the lyrics to chihayfuru youthful and listen to me, girls,i’m your father happy happy girl lyrics

  119. cardcaptorkarin

    can you also do the black butler songs

  120. May I ask a HUGE favor from you? I’ve seen you’ve translated song from Code Geass, so I’m guessing you’re quite a big fan of it.
    Well, the first ten minutes from “Code Geass: Akito the Exiled” (the third season) have been recently released, but I can only find them in japanese raw, and it just happens that I don’t really know japanese xD so I was kinda wondering if you could translate it? or at least watch it and tell me what it’s about or something?? please!!
    www . animekon . com / trailer-6164-Code-Geass-Akito-the-Exiled-First-10-Minutes . html

  121. Hi there. Love all your translations.

    Could you also translate Faraway song (Haruka Kanata) from Little Busters! too? Would appreciate it. It is such a beautiful song, and so sad.

  122. Hello, Atashi, I just have a quick question that has nothing to do with you: is there anyway to get some more and better pictures of the Phantomhive Ring from Kuroshitsuji? And how much it would be in American dollars?

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