Quick Sakura-Con 2010 Summary

Fresh out of the Cosplay Contest

– Slept only 2 hours due to worrying about forgetting something to take to the con. Forgot contact lens for cosplay, realizing so about 2 hours into the drive.
– Arrived at hotel after 10pm. Finally got to sleep after 1am.

– Woke up at 5am to get to the con early. Found wind and rain greeting us in Seattle, waited for the bus in Haruhi cosplay with a short skirt. Nearly froze.
– Drank a matcha latte to warm up and stay awake. Aghast upon realizing that it was not working well with lactose intolerance.
– Set up Artist Alley table. Met awesome tablemates. Realized that the display stand was about a foot too short.
– Went to Ito Noizi autograph session, got her signature on Haruhi novel, then neglected to protect the novel, so 25% of the ink has rubbed off since. Ms. Ito made comment to her manageress (“It’s the Disappearance movie Haruhi, isn’t it” “Yeah, it’s the Disappearance Haruhi”).
– Went to karaoke contest. Realized I was so tired there was no way I could belt out any song of quality. Gave up the rest of the contest.
– Went back to hotel in the rain and wind to change into Hideyoshi cosplay. Returned to convention, learned to stuff to create That Bulge, sat in a daze for the swimsuit contest.

Higurashi vs. Umineko

Umineko Photoshoot

I don’t even know what to make of this scenario

“Did you hear? Battler’s ‘small bombs’ are really small!”

– Entered swimsuit contest at 1am. Made new friends. Helped a Vegeta enter the contest. Somehow half-confused half of the room of my gender. Still unsure how anyone could’ve been fooled.
– Asuka won the contest. She was beautiful and amazing.
– Realized buses weren’t running at 3am. Received ride from Bastille to hotel, both in piggyback and car form.
– Went to sleep at 4am, woke up at 6:30am for cosplay contest.
– Arrived at con at 8am. Rejoiced in the first day of wearing Eva-Beatrice costume. Lost sight of the Haruhi jacket, a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of long thermal underpants while changing. Assumed a friend took them.
– Performed for cosplay contest. No prizes, but a grand time nevertheless.
– Went to When They Cry photoshoot, delighted to see all the Higurashi and Umineko cosplayers gathered, had photos taken. Kicked Battler and tried to convince George to get back in my womb. Discussed Battler’s ‘small bombs’ with Emka-Beatrice.
– Returned to Artist Alley, met a man from Canada who gave me a sketchpad to draw something in. Told him to come back the next day to pick up the sketchpad.
– Went to Touhou panel. Lent Shanghai Doll to adorable Alice cosplayer. Screamed for hot armpit action from the many Reimus.
– Returned to hotel at 8pm. Received free bus ride because the driver said “You’re cute. It’s free”. My George-cosplaying friend received no such deal. He paid the full $2.00.
– Went to sleep due the the lack of sleep from the three previous nights. Woken sometime after by a friend trying to get me to go to Bastille’s party I promised I’d go, but was in such a stupor that I spoke in tongues to him. 20 seconds pass before I woke up enough to start responding in English.
– Went back to sleep.

– Woke up at 9am. Felt half-dead. Called Bastille to apologize for not going to the party.
– Realized the aforementioned Haruhi jacket, jeans, and underpants weren’t with any of my friends. Shoot, they were lost.
– Packed up everything for check-out. Put the Eva-Beatrice costume back on, as I’d lost the only normal clothes I had.
– Arrived at the con at 11am. Entered private press conference with Ito Noizi. Randomly hit Bastille for putting u’s in words. Use American English when in America, c’mon. Asked for an autograph and a photo with Ms. Ito, requests were granted. Realized later that the camera flash was too blinding and washed out our faces.
– Checked the Lost and Found for lost clothing. No results. Filed Lost Items report, doodled pictures of my clothing on the sheet.
– Met a cool pair of twins hailing from Georgia and cosplaying Sora and Roxas. Was bought a a crepe and Sprite. Found chocolate on crepe was too rich, but slowly forced it down anyways out of obligation.
– Wandered around the con for the last time. Gave contact info to a guy met during the swimsuit contest. Got carried around in princess-holding (o-hime-sama dakko) position.
– Returned to Artist Alley. Discovered that the man from the previous day never came back for the sketchpad. Asked people for identification, no results. Gave up and packed the sketchpad to take home.
– Left the convention at 4pm. Received phone call from convention at 7pm, informed that the lost clothing were all found. Promised to send Sakura-Con the shipping fee. Arrived home at 10pm.

21 responses to “Quick Sakura-Con 2010 Summary

  1. Gah, you seemed so tired, I hope you’re okay! Haha, your Eva-Beatrice costume seems so cute. Poor George, however. I hope you can get more sleep now, but do you have more pictures to share? 😀

    And I kinda wonder why the man never came back…

    • Thanks!
      Yeah, there are more photos between my friends and the rest of the internet, but I haven’t gotten around to scouring the internet for more yet since some people still haven’t uploaded stuff. I’ll try to post more when I find photos.

  2. Sounds like a very busy but very fun time!

  3. (*≧▽≦) Oh wow, such a pretty Eva-Beatrice costume that is!
    And sounds like you had a very fun, (if not exhausting) time. 😀

  4. wow thanks for the picture. there was just those umineko coslayers in such a big con?

  5. Despite the few hiccups, it sounds fun. Consider going a few days earlier to recharge and enjoy the con at 100%?

    Nice cosplay 😀

    Bus driver has good eyes.

  6. Pancake Madness

    So that WAS you in line. This silently brooding Death the Kidd is too shy/complacent to ask for pictures sometimes… You’re really good at this cosplay thing… and your entry in the cosplay contest was awesome in many ways…. XD

    Crepes FTW

  7. LtheMilkEater

    Pffffthahaha, one of the only pictures I’ve found so far with my casual Keiichi cosplay in it, and it’s hidden behind Mion and Rena. XD
    I was in awe of your Eva-Beatrice the whole time, but I was too afraid to ask for a photo… I wish I could have seen your skit, too. Were you able to have it recorded?


    Behold the language of Canadia!

  9. On Sunday afternoon I thought I saw a Maria run off into the gaming area, but could be mistaken, but it doesn’t look like she was at the meetup (which I missed too–note to self, next time check the internets for these things!). I also think I met a different George at one point. So probably even more Umineko folks not even accounted for. Or I’m just going L5.

    I think I recall seeing the Angel Mort trio here as Higurashi characters at SakuraCon previously too but never found any pics out there. It may have been a different group, though.

  10. wow next photos are gorgeous

  11. I have the contact information for the man’s sketchbook, since he came looking for you after you’d left. E-mail me!


  12. Vids, yay! You probably have seen them, but what the hey. XD

    Seacats skit:


  13. Hey, that “adorable Alice cosplayer,” was me XD

    small world

  14. To Emma: do you have (or know where to find) any pics of your great Alice cosplay and/or perhaps some of the other Touhou folks from the panel? I took a few pics at the panel (here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/microbry/sets/72157623668276141/ ) but was hoping to find some more on the web to supplement them with. 🙂

    I really needs to bring a better camera next year.

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