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Seto no Hanayome 1st Ending Theme – Asu e no Hikari

The Light to Tomorrow
Vocals: Hinoi Asuka
Lyrics: Sasakura Yugo
Composition: Sasakura Yugo
Arrangement: Sasakura Yugo

The setting sun spills into your gently outreached palms
The sound of the waves is powerfully yet tenderly swimming in the wind

I’ll start walking on a path of no return, step by step
I’m smiling next to you, hiding my anxiety

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Seto no Hanayome Opening Theme – Romantic summer

Romantic summer
Vocals: SUN & LUNAR
Lyrics: Momoi Haruko
Composition: Momoi Haruko
Arrangement: Momoi Haruko

The summer wind strokes my hair
Is it my imagination? My premonition of love…

At the sparkling, hot summer beach
There was a late-blooming lonely maiden
Who didn’t take off her straw hat, lalala

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