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Classic Lolita: Mary Magdalene St. Claire One-Piece in Mini Length

Post updated July 2011.

Same dress in 2011

Dress in 2008

I received this beautiful dress in the mail today (March 26, 2008) from a friend, a Mary Magdalene St. Claire Mini-length one-piece in gateau chocolate (dark brown). It is absolutely gorgeous and worth every yen it retailed for (27,090 yen, ~$270.63 in 2008, ~$345.36 in 2011). As of current, MM seems to have stopped selling mini-length items all together. I don’t fit in most of their regular-sized items since they’re too big.

The sad part is that I don’t own a petticoat to poof out the dress like you see on MM’s website. I’m really afraid of wearing the dress, actually, since it was so expensive, so I probably won’t get a petticoat anyways.

With the recent addition of a Classical Puppets A-line petticoat, the entire outfit around the dress is nearly complete at this point. I do wear the dress twice a year for a few hours when the weather is warm enough to permit so. I don’t attend any occasions in them. Since receiving the one-piece in 2008, I’ve purchased the matching St. Claire headdress in kinari X gateau chocolate and the matching St. Claire beret in gateau chocolate to go with the dress. The only major item I am lacking now is a pair of suitable shoes, though given how the dress is worn indoors, I haven’t had a compelling reason to do so.

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