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Mashiro Botan Opening Theme – Awayuki

I think Sakura Saori blew the opening lines of the song… They’re horrifically off-key (listen to the short version in Music Box to the right).

Light Snow
Vocals: ave;new feat. Sakura Saori
Lyrics: Sakura Saori
Composition: a.k.a.dRESS
Arrangement: a.k.a.dRESS

Only in this winter that won’t come again
Please let me be next to you
I long for love, and if the snow melts
What will remain?
I still can’t say it, while it’s still pure white now
Don’t disappear

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Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening Theme – Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze

A Cruel Angel’s These
Vocals: Takahashi Yoko

Like a cruel angel
Young man, become a legend

Even if the blue wind knocks on the door of your chest now
You’re still looking only at me and smiling
Absorbed in yearning for things that you gently touch
Your childish eyes still don’t even know destiny

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