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I Want
Vocals: Nakamura Eriko as Amami Haruka
Lyrics: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)
Composition: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)
Arrangement: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)

Just like a raging wave
Our meeting sent a jolt down my spine and drove my heart wild
Yes, our meeting

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THE IDOLM@STER 20th Ending Theme – Yakusoku

Vocals: Imai Asami as Kisaragi Chihaya
Lyrics: Mori Yuriko
Composition: NBGI (Nakagawa Koji & Kobayashi Keiki)
Arrangement: NBGI (Kobayashi Keiki)

Hey, I’m looking at you now
Even if we’re apart
Love for you, my heart will always
be by your side

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THE IDOLM@STER 25th Ending Theme – Issho

Lyrics: yura
Composition: Fujisue Miki
Arrangement: Fujisue Miki

Let’s sing together
in the same era
Let’s go together
Let’s dream the same dream
Let’s be together
Being together is the best; I’ll cherish it
even more and forever, for all my life

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THE IDOLM@STER Insert Song – Jibun REST@RT

Featured in episode 13.

Vocals: Nakamura Eriko, Hasegawa Akiko, Imai Asami, Nigo Mayako, Asakura Azumi, Hirata Hiromi, Shimoda Asami, Hara Yumi, Numakura Manami as Amami Haruka, Hoshii Miki, Kisaragi Chihaya, Takatsuki Yayoi, Hagiwara Yukiho, Kikuchi Makoto, Futami Mami, Shijo Takane, Ganaha Hikibi
Lyrics: Sasaki Hiroto
Composition: Tanaka Hidekazu
Arrangement: Tanaka Hidekazu

I’m not just denying how I lived up to yesterday
I could see the path I’ll advance on from now on
Because rather than being nothing more than a weak girl, I prefer to show off
Even if it means biting the bullet or pushing my limits

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THE IDOLM@STER Insert Song – Little Match Girl

Featured in episode 23.

Little Match Girl
Vocals: Asakura Azumi as Hagiwara Yukiho
Lyrics: ESTi
Composition: ESTi
Arrangement: ESTi

Can you heat it up at frozen night
Like a little match girl, yeah
Kiss me and burn it up
When I look into your heart

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THE IDOLM@STER Insert Song – inferno

Featured in episode 22.

Vocals: Imai Asami as Kisaragi Chihaya
Lyrics: yura Dark
Composition: Fujisue Miki
Arrangement: Kusano Yoshihiro

Waves of people scrape
along the chilled asphalt
The monochrome buildings
hid the sky
The traffic lights change on their own
There are throngs of signs
At least I’ll draw you
with my hands

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THE IDOLM@STER Insert Song – relations

Featured in episode 22.

Vocals: Hasegawa Akiko as Hoshii Miki
Lyrics: NBGI (mft)
Composition: NBGI (Nakagawa Koji)
Arrangement: NBGI (Nakagawa Koji)

Through the store window at night
I saw you from the back

The waves of people were like slabs of steel
and I also abruptly froze in place

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