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Danganronpa Ending Theme – Saisei -rebuild-

Also used as the ending theme for the final episode of Danganronpa the ANIMATION.

Rebuild -rebuild-
Vocals: Ogata Megumi
Lyrics: em:óu
Composition: Iwase Satoshi
Arrangement: Iwase Satoshi

In the somber sky, the blood-red moon flickers like a bird that lost its way home
You’re like a cat yowling crazily yet secretly for its friends in a remote alley

What are you looking at with a hollow gaze through the window, while hugging your knees?
The mirage of a love that slipped past you wasn’t a wave of emotions or an afterimage

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PAX Prime 2013 Swag

PAX Prime 2013 drew to a close and I have returned with this year’s swag and loot. I broke last year’s record for shirts. The amount of lanyards available at various booths was pretty ridiculous, too. If last year was the year of random tote bags, this was the year of lanyards.

I was quite surprised to see the Hatsune Miku Project Diva game at the con as well and I tested it out for the first time, failing miserably like I did for just about every game I tried at PAX. In fact, I was so horrible at driving and gaming that I crashed not only the car but the game and console in a demo of DriveClub.

Like in the past, just about everything shown in the photos below are for sale or trade or free to good homes. You’ll be able to find the goods on eBay (here and here) or you may contact me directly.

– Strife Raccoon (Boy ver.) plush doll
– Corsair Vengeance 1500 gaming headset SOLD

– NBA 2K14 Men’s XL T-shirt SOLD
– Cooler Master “Trigger Happy” Children’s 3L T-shirt SOLD
– Mountain Dew Men’s XL hoodie SOLD
– Extraction Men’s M T-shirt
– Extraction Men’s L T-shirt
– Extraction Women’s L T-shirt
– Sony Playstation Men’s S T-shirt SOLD
– 2 X Sony Playstation Men’s M T-shirt SOLD
– 3 X Twitch TV Men’s L T-shirt SOLD
– Defense Grid Men’s L T-shirt
– Watchdogs Men’s L T-shirt
– 2 X Nvidia Men’s XL T-shirt SOLD
– Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Men’s S T-shirt SOLD
– Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Men’s M T-shirt SOLD
– Rohto “Game Over” Men’s XL T-shirt SOLD
– Corsair Men’s 2XL T-shirt SOLD
– The Next Level Men’s L T-shirt SOLD
– Elgato Gaming Men’s S T-shirt SOLD

– Skullcandy lanyard SOLD
– 4 X Nintendo WiiU lanyard SOLD
– Jesus Loves Gamers lanyard SOLD
– 2 X Silver Battleblock Theater lanyard
– 2 X Sonic: Lost World lanyard SOLD
– 2 X EverQuest II SOE Live lanyard
– Art Institute of Seattle lanyard
– League of Legends Mid Role lanyard SOLD

– 4 X Plantronics button pin
– 2 X MSi button pin
– 4 X Bethesda lanyard & pins set SOLD
– 2 X The Repopulation button pin
– Little Legends bottle cap pin
– 2 X Hello Hero pin
– The Banner Saga button pin
– Pinny Arcade “Elspeth” trading pin SOLD
– Grimm Bros. button pin
– 7 X Tearaway button pin
– Legend of Dungeon button pin
– 3 X Twitch TV button pins SOLD
– Forced button pin
– 2 X Contraption Maker button pins
– 4 X Cards Against Humanity button pin SOLD
– 4 X Van Helsing II button pins
– 5 X Strife button pin
– Elgato Gaming button pin SOLD

– 4 X Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collector’s Edition Art Book + Music CD
– Jesus Loves Gamers book + bookmark SOLD
– 2 X Mew-Genics! comic activity book
– 3 X Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers decks SOLD
– 3 X Cards Against Humanity PAX Prime 2013 packs SOLD
– 2 X Autographed Cards Against Humanity card SOLD
– 2 X Strife comic book SOLD
– 7 X assorted Munchkins bookmarks

– Autographed Extraction poster

– 6 X Hatsune Miku Project Diva F light-up foam stick
– Sega light-up foam stick SOLD

– A lot of cards and codes

– Moga Magic 8-ball
– Kingston foam head SOLD
– Origin wristband
– 3 X Internet Explorer LED wristband
– MSi foam soccer ball
– Rohto eyedrop sample
– Rohto eyedrop
– Vivarin caffeine pills
– PAX XP Rubik’s cube
– Twitch TV bottle opener keyring SOLD
– Logitech flashing blue “G” button
– 2 X GAEMS dog tags
– Art Institute of Seattle ballpoint pen
– Intel light-up ballpoint pen SOLD
– 2 X The Crew rubber keyrings
– Skullcandy wrist sweatband SOLD
– Pikmin 3 stick-on embroidered patch set SOLD
– Dungeons & Dragons dice set SOLD
– Kingston rubber RAM keyring SOLD
– ZombieX3 dog tag
– 4 X Nvidia keycaps SOLD

– MSi mousepad SOLD
– MSi inflatable hammer
– Mayfair Games Full Product Catalog 2013
– ScubaEarth mousepad

– 3 X World of Tanks/World of Warplanes tote bag
– Smashmuck Champions tote bag SOLD
– 2 X Smashmuck Champions badge pins SOLD
– Total War: Rome II tote bag
– The Might Quest for Epic Loot tote bag
– A lot of Magic the Gathering plastic bags

Not photographed: A lot of flyers and cards from various companies


I Want
Vocals: Nakamura Eriko as Amami Haruka
Lyrics: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)
Composition: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)
Arrangement: NBGI (LindaAI-CUE)

Just like a raging wave
Our meeting sent a jolt down my spine and drove my heart wild
Yes, our meeting

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Guilty Crown: Lost Xmas Theme Song – Lost Control

Lost Control
Vocals: Ito Kanako
Lyrics: Kusunose Takuya
Composition: Sakuma Masahide
Arrangement: Sakuma Masahide

My consciousness turns monochrome
Covered in wounds, I writhe in the spiral

I was looking at you…
Because even my tears and voice have dried up

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Theme Song – Mugen no Sekai

The Fantasy World
Vocals: Saga Kinuko
Lyrics: Kobayashi Teppei
Composition: Ito Kenji
Arrangement: Ito Kenji

I wish and hope and pine, but it’s beyond the reach of my outstretched hand
My heart wanders and my faint shouting just hesitates

Unaware that prayers and words and feelings all fade away
What do you think about, resting on this blue planet?
The world changes shape in the scorching heat

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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Theme Song – Reset

Vocals: Ishihara Aya
Lyrics: Hirth
Composition: Asano Takami
Arrangement: Asano Takami

In this city that seems to reflect
what’s in the darkness of the heart
Even though I know they’re lies
I still cling onto those tender words

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PAX Prime 2012 Swag

Photos of nearly everything I got from PAX Prime 2012.
Not photographed: PAX badge, Moga smartphone stylus, and a set of Sonic pins that I gave away

I didn’t get any big-ticket items this year because my costume prevented me from seeing any sign about contests or lines (or most other people, for that matter).

Everything in the photos is available for trade/sale.
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WHITE ALBUM 2 -introductory chapter- Opening Theme – Todokanai Koi

Unattainable Love
Vocals: Uehara Rena
Lyrics: Sutani Naoko
Composition: Ishikawa Shinya
Arrangement: Matsuoka Junya

Am I pretending to be lonely? I wonder why you’re on my mind
When I realized it, I was already attracted by you more than anyone

What should I do so that my heart will be reflected in the mirror?

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Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shojo Ending Theme – Shukufuku no Daichi, Gyoukou no Sekai

Land of Blessing, World of Dawn’s Light
Vocals: Katakiri Rekka
Lyrics: Katakiri Rekka
Composition: Katakiri Rekka
Arrangement: Morrigan

The children of the land of blessing are dreaming of tomorrow

The hillside path you advance on is a steep one toward freedom
Even if it’s sullied, the twilight announces
that the world will turn and the sun will rise

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Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shojo Insert Song – Sora no Sukima

Cracks in the Sky
Vocals: Katakiri Rekka
Lyrics: Kamijo Takafumi
Composition: MANYO
Arrangement: MANYO

I simply walked
while being blown by the wind

I simply stood still
I felt the invisible power
that surrounded me before I knew it

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Lunaris Filia ~Kiss to Keiyaku to Shinku no Hitomi~ Opening Theme – Unmei no Chikai

Vow of Fate
Vocals: Misato Aki
Lyrics: Misato Aki
Composition: Scuderia K.
Arrangement: Scuderia K.

My lips touch the light that streaks by
I’m held in your arms

I recalled the sign of our promise in my memories
and saw it in the full moon

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Fate/EXTRA Theme Song – Ranse Eroica

Heroic in Turbulent Times
Lyrics: Takarano Arika
Composition: Katakura Mikiya
Arrangement: Katakura Mikiya

If you live to hasten death
Then your soul rules you and your heart is a battlefield

Accepting the embrace of a malevolent god, is what inhabits your body
a monster or a serpent? Fluttering down to the bottom of the cliff
The valued life lies in Heaven, and until you’re filled with them
Weakness, anger, strength, pain—
Swallow every single thing there is

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Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden Gaiden: Kagami no Miko PS2 Game Opening Theme – Towa no Hana

Eternal Flower
Vocals: Yonekura Chihiro
Lyrics: Yonekura Chihiro
Composition: Ushima Yoshifumi
Arrangement: TAKAYAMA WAKA

Blossom fully, oh love, open the door of sorrow
This mark that I was given is my proof for you —because I want to protect you—

I searched for the meaning of living back then
I got to know you, and my heart gazed at the same light as you did

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend Theme Song – Soukyuu no Hikari

Azure Light
Vocals: Faylan
Lyrics: Faylan
Composition: Kikuta Daisuke
Arrangement: Kikuta Daisuke

Wandering through the desolate abyss
The only thing I beseech is the truth
Ah, this power is…

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Ougon Musoukyoku X Opening Theme – Ougon Musoukyoku X ~Ougon no Kiseki o Kanaeru made~

Golden Reverie X ~Until the Golden Miracle is Granted~
Vocals: Motoki Zakuro
Lyrics: Luck-Ganriki
Composition: Luck-Ganriki & dai
Arrangement: Luck-Ganriki

The sky of grief
will now dissolve the illusion
with the golden dream

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