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Black Blood Brothers Ending Theme – Shingiru

Take what you will, I don’t think the following is too accurate.
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The original lyrics of the song were mostly in Korean, which I don’t understand. I can’t see anything in those sticks and circles. The following translation is based from a fan’s Korean-to-Japanese translation of the lyrics, so who knows how much gets lost in the double-translation.

‘Shingiru’, I heard, is the Korean pronunciation of the Japanese word ‘shinkirou’, which is the more popular and accepted title of the song.


The secrets in my dreams tell me
About the sorrows that I’ll come across
I must yearn for mercy
Your pained appearance and my greeting
A gaze that was shut as if tired
I don’t wish for anything more than these
The sickened promise is stinking and hidden; I never knew…

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Black Blood Brothers Opening Theme – Ashita no Kioku

Tomorrow’s Memories
Vocals: Takahashi Naozumi
Lyrics: Takahashi Naozumi
Composition: Arai Rio
Arrangement: Arai Rio

I don’t fear anything
I won’t be scared anymore
Tightly embracing
My destiny and tomorrow’s memories
Colored red and black, I journey

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