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Angelic Layer Character Song Album – Fly Your Sky

Vocals: Enomoto Atsuko as Suzuhara Misaki
Lyrics: Matsui Goro
Composition: Tsuji Yo
Arrangement: Tsuji Yo

Spread your wings, YOUR DESTINY
And flap hard
Until you can meet a newer world
Let’s go on endlessly

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Angelic Layer 2nd Ending Theme – Ameagari

After the Rain
Vocals: Matsushita Moeko
Lyrics: Tanabe Satoshi
Composition: Hara Kazuhiro
Arrangement: Konishi Takao

Ah, on a street in a sunshower
I suddenly pass by it by chance
Ah, there’s a shirt that I recognize
It can’t be, is it you?

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Angelic Layer 1st Ending Theme – ☆the starry sky☆

☆the starry sky☆
Vocals: HΛL
Lyrics: HΛLNA
Composition: Umesaki Toshiharu & Sato Atsushi
Arrangement: HΛL

uh… There’s a fleeting ☆ sky again tonight
uh… Because I’ll wish upon the shining ☆…

The worrying never ceases
But the door is already open
You gave me the strength to get back up, even if I get stepped on, even if I fall
Because I’ll sing to turn into a ☆ that you can be proud of
Because I’ll try harder now, so that I can become stronger…

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Angelic Layer Opening Theme – Be My Angel

Be My Angel
Vocals: Enomoto Atsuko
Lyrics: Matsui Goro
Composition: Ando Takahiro
Arrangement: Ando Takahiro

A little star shines in the distant night sky
Surely it’s still not known by anyone
But don’t give in, you’re shining like that now
Somehow you resemble me somewhere

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