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Chobits Opening Theme – Let Me Be With You

Let Me Be With You
Vocals: ROUND TABLE featuring Nino
Lyrics: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Composition: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
Arrangement: ROUND TABLE

Casting magic that seems as if we can certainly meet
Because when we quietly hold hands, look, I’ll smile

Pretending to not notice our true feelings
Suddenly, the two of us fell in love

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Chobits Character Song Collection – I hear you everywhere

I hear you everywhere
Vocals: Tanaka Rie as Chi
Lyrisc: Kano Kaori
Composition: Kano Kaori
Arrangement: F.T.C.C.

Within the wind of the darkness of a dim night
When I quietly and softly wake up
Please let the world that reflects
Let the voice that touches my ears first
Be him today, too
I wish that everything will be born from there
And no one live suffering

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Chobits 2nd Ending Theme – Ningyo-hime

The Little Mermaid
Vocals: Tanaka Rie
Lyrics: Ohkawa Nanase
Composition: Arai Akino
Composition: Watanabe Zentaro

The town at night is quiet like the deep ocean
It’s just me all alone on the continuing road
Relying on a distant voice, I walk
I’m forever searching for the blue light that shines softly

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Chobits 1st Ending Theme – Raison d’être

Raison d’être
Vocals: Tanaka Rie
Lyrics: ACKO
Composition: Nagai Rui
Arrangement: Nagai Rui

If I walk nonchalantly in the familiar town
It’ll certainly be reflected in my eyes
My scared heart is buried
In the advancing waves of people as crowds

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