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Yumekui Merry Ending Theme – Yume to Kiboo to Ashita no Atashi

Dreams and Hope and the Me of Tomorrow
Vocals: Sakura Ayane as Merry Nightmare
Lyrics: Hakase (IOSYS)
Composition: ARM (IOSYS)
Arrangement: ARM (IOSYS)

Tomorrow will have blue skies, so let’s go out with smiles

When I eat lots of sweets
and get cheered up, I quietly
think of everyone

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Yumekui Merry Opening Theme – Daydream Syndrome

Daydream Syndrome
Vocals: Fujiwara Marina
Lyrics: void (IOSYS)
Composition: void (IOSYS)
Arrangement: void (IOSYS)

In the broken darkness, your shadow is crying
The cold door is still closed now

They can’t return anymore? Those days, that dream, that hope–
Is this sky the real thing? It’ll suddenly change colors on a whim

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