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Bakuman. Ending Theme – BAKUROCK ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ (TV Size Version)

BAKUROCK ~Outline of the Future~ (TV Size Version)
Vocals: YA-KYIM
Lyrics: ryow inukami
Composition: Miyake Mitsuyuki, Suzuki Naota, Suzuki Hiroto
Arrangement: Suzuki Hiroto

Even when I got crushed by the better reality
I collected my battered self
No matter how many times the end came about
Each time, I pushed myself on my own back

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Bakuman. Opening Theme – Blue Bird (TV Size Version)

Blue Bird (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Kobukuro
Lyrics: Kobuchi Kentaro
Composition: Kobuchi Kentaro
Arrangement: Kobukuro

The Blue Bird flies about in the blue sky
Can you see that bird?
Happiness is an invisible color, and I feel
Your love

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