Death Note 1st Opening Theme – the WORLD

Vocals: Nightmare
Lyrics: RUKA
Composition: RUKA
Arrangement: Nightmare

Within the spreading darkness, we exchanged vows of revolution
A flower of evil sprouted because it was loved
Because I won’t let anyone interfere
with everything that will come about from now on

The fruit told of the future
The city has forgotten reasoning
The present time is distorted black
I turn dreams into ideals

Why? Am I a broken Messiah?
Everyone wished for a “finale”…

Within the spreading darkness, we exchanged vows of revolution
A flower of evil sprouted because it was loved
I won’t let anyone interfere
with everything that will come about from now on

Someday, I’ll show you
a shining sky

Why? Am I a broken Messiah?
Everyone dreamt of a “paradise”…

Within the spreading darkness, we exchanged vows of revolution
A flower of evil sprouted because it was loved
Because I won’t let anyone interfere
with everything that will come about from now on

Someday, I’ll show you
a shining world

Vocals: Nightmare

Hirogaru yami no naka   kawashiatta   kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai kara

Kajitsu ga tsugeta mirai
Risei o wasureta machi
Kuroku yuganda ima o
Yume, risou ni kaeru

Doushite? Boku wa kowareta meshia?
Dare mo ga nozonda “owari” o…

Hirogaru yami no naka   kawashiatta   kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai

Itsuka boku ga misete ageru
Hikarikagayaku sora o

Doushite? Boku wa kowareta meshia?
Dare mo ga yumemita “rakuen” o…

Hirogaru yami no naka   kawashiatta   kakumei no chigiri
Aishita yue ni mebaeta aku no hana
Kore kara saki otozureru de arou subete o
Dare ni mo jamasaseru wake ni wa ikanai

Itsuka boku ga misete ageru
Hikarikagayaku sekai o

歌: ナイトメア
作詞: RUKA
作曲: RUKA

広がる闇の中 交わし合った 革命の契り


どうして? 僕はこわれた救世主?

広がる闇の中 交わし合った 革命の契り


どうして? 僕はこわれた救世主?

広がる闇の中 交わし合った 革命の契り


189 responses to “Death Note 1st Opening Theme – the WORLD

  1. i am very gratefull for this, i am in complete love with this song, its fantastic, i can’t wait to watch Death Note.

  2. This song is really good!

  3. Yeah! Thank you very much ^__^~
    I luv this song!

    But I want the fullversion too~ ;O;


  4. The CD of the song will be released on October 18th, so expect the full version to be available on or right after that date~

  5. i dont know why, but im really attached to this song. weird, im not a jrock fan. 😛
    thanks for putting it up! ^^

  6. I don’t know why, but the lyrics have impacted me in such a way. I suppose they just pulled me further into Death Note. Thank you so much for the translation!

  7. Thanks for posting this…. I love this song and this series… I can’t wait for the full release which happens to be on my Birthday ^^

  8. I love this song so much.
    This song is what got me into Death Note.
    You are a legend for translating.

  9. *thumbs up* great translation! thanks a million!

  10. hi.. i juz seems unable to download the songs…

  11. The download still works. Try again. ^^;; And if it still doesn’t work for you, then try

  12. i love the song soo much, and I thank you for allowing me to be able to download it *sends lots of flying kisses*, haha

    ganbatte with the translation of songs you will be making ^_^

  13. Thank you for uploading the full version of this great song and the wonderful lyrics… You’re the BEST!

  14. I adore this song, the lyrics and the music itself have some strange but strong meaning for myself. I even like Raito more after listening to this song, poor child, following his own path alone…

  15. thanks man i know dats a bit sad
    but andy way thanks 4 the song i like

  16. Thanks Man

    yeah i love this song its well cool 🙂

    P.S: I… Am… Kira… XD

  17. Thanks so much! I couldn’t find a download anywhere x.x plus the lyrics! I love you! ^_^

  18. Thanks for the song man! I was skeptical in the beginning about this Death Note anime but after watching first episode i got stuck with it. And the opening song is cool too.

  19. Thx a lot for puting up the lyrics !! This song is the best ^^^^^^^

  20. is this download free?

  21. Great job! And, of course, nice song as well ^^

  22. thanks for the download, but do you have the ending theme song too?

  23. Yes; click on the Death Note link under Categories on the right side of the page.

  24. elaine tan fui vun

    ilike this song it was very rock…i usually
    wacth manga that were detective,adventure,comedy,
    haroo…where did i can buy death note in pulau pinang.. but in case i alrealy watch d.note on internet v1-7 only…i
    trully want to watch what wiil happend the end of the d.n…LIGHT is very cool & L is cute,,,,

  25. Atashi the website of http://www.gendou…. is likelly dangerous although it got alot of song.

  26. Suggoiii nee, I reallly like this song, N love all Nigthmare songs. Thanks for The Lyrics.

  27. how do I download? I only get the sendspace main page

  28. digitalmaster287

    Ya man. This song’s lyrics fit soo perfectly with the anime of Death Note and the mindframe of Light.

  29. I Loooooooove this song so much! It’s just… sugoi =D.
    Shikashi… May I correct something? The last sentence of the kana is wrong: it says “いつか僕が見せてあげる 光り輝く空を (Itsuka boku ga misete ageru hikarikagayaku sora wo)”, when it should say ” いつか僕が見せてあげる 光り輝く世界 を(Itsuka boku ga misete ageru hikarikagayaku sekai wo)”, if I’m right.
    Anyway, thans SO much for the lyrics and translation ^^ Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

  30. Oh, thanks for pointing it out!

  31. this rox i was just looking for ringtone for my new phone and i found this

  32. hiho … i cannot download the file … can anybody haelp me to get it?

  33. The download still works, I believe. I just checked it.

  34. ThIs SoNg Is rEaLlY gOoD!!! *w* i LoVe tHis hahahaha XD ~HoSt ClUb KiNg~ ThAnKs AtHaShI -GrAcIaS AtAsHi-

  35. i retried it for 3 times and still unable to download it. and it says i have reached my daily limit. I HAVE NOT EVEN DOWNLOAD ANYTHING! sob

  36. Hmm. The download still works…

  37. I’m having trouble downloading it from sendspace. I click the link and it says this

    A file is waiting to be downloaded:

    Name: the WORLD.mp3
    Size: 8MB

    but there’s no link or anything that I can click. Can someone help me?

  38. The download link is right in the middle of the page, if correct you’ll see an orange arrow pointing at it.
    (otherwise try a download program there are lots of them)
    Good luck

  39. I love it, it is a wonderful song.

  40. One of the best anime out there. (if not the best one for sure).

    Thanks for the lyrics.

  41. The BEST anime and opening EVER! Thanks! 😉

  42. Thank You

  43. nvm… it worked

  44. hey that was so usefull even more because i had no idea what the song was callsed but here i found it anyway so thank you so much

  45. hah.. this song’s catchy xD … -ish. o__O” Lol, thanks again. xP

  46. this is fantastic, thank you

  47. i `lyk” it so so much

  48. i want the anime version not the full 1 😦

  49. Thanks!It’s great and cool!!!I love it!!!Death note…WOWWWW!!!!

  50. yay for japan…? good songage… i have the anime one, guy up there who wants it… or u could just download the anime soundtrack…

  51. I absolutely love this song. And even though i can’t speak a word in japanese, i keep hearing this in my head…

  52. Thanks for this.

  53. Thank you for this, I’ve been searching everywhere for this song.
    Thank you, thank you! :3

  54. thank you for submitting your names…
    I’ll put an eye to your doings, and if you are naughty…
    well you’ll figure it..
    PS: L, you suck!

  55. You are a LEGEND!

    Thank you so much ^_________^

  56. YOU SUCK!

  57. First and maybe the best DN opening.. Thanks for the lyrics

  58. deathnote rox

    i jus cant seem 2 download it… they ~keep saying “The download link has been updated (error: #9).” sob~!!!
    can pls upload smwhere else or send 2 my email pls? plsplspls…

  59. deathnote rox

    oh, nvm, i managed 2 download it in the end ^^ woohoo~!!! =)

  60. wow, this song is really nice. I love its meaning and it suits the anime very well. nice story, every episode doesn’t leave one “unthrilled”

  61. wow, this song is really nice. I love its meaning and it suits the anime very well. nice story, every episode doesn’t leave one bored. each one is exciting and thrilling




    Comment by Dude — May 25, 2007

  63. Thanks for the lyrics it touches my bones.. hmmm this donut tastes really nice ..lets keep this a secret , here you can have the strawberry ^^

  64. Thank you for the song bot sence now i have it you are worthless

  65. the site is taking an overly excessive time to load i think its dead

  66. you’re the best 😉 i’ve been looking for full version for a long time. kisses ;*

  67. I lovethe anime and the song rocks!! And youko what else?

    You rock:)

  68. Ok, I misspelled a couple of coffee yet 😛

  69. The anime is amazing and this is my favourite song from it too ^^

  70. WEE thank you! and I signed up for that sendshare too cuz it looks the biz. Ta alot x

  71. i love this song. i love the series & i love the movie. gollleyyy! i want more death note!

  72. Thank you man this is so helpful

  73. Awesome death note one of the top ten animes all time and the starting theme the best great job.

  74. I like it that you have transcripted th japanese to latin-letters, the song makes more sense that way.
    Great with a translation! Great song!

  75. Thanks for all the work

    i really need the first opening theme MIDI file pleaseeeeeee ! thanks again 🙂 keep it up, great blog

  76. Thanks I like this song alot and just fell in love with the anome (at like eps 5, watching it at! ) Thanks for getting the lyrics and putting it up

  77. Thank you, I was looking everywhere for these lyrics!

  78. i can’t wait for a full version of the death note music…

  79. Thanks so much for this song! I have been watching the opening of Death Note over and over just to listen to the song. 8)

  80. this song its very killer

  81. Thanks for the song been looking for it tons of time !
    Greta lyrics btw !

  82. Thanks very much!

  83. Okay, either I’m mentally challenged, or there isn’t a download for the shorter version. I’d like the anime version, but I’m having trouble finding it ‘-.- Help please!

  84. this song is amazing.. i love it very much.. thanks for the lyrics.. death note is definitely one of the best animes…at least to me

  85. I will rating this song ………. 8.5/10

  86. thank you for posting this!! you are a nice person.

  87. Thnx a l0t i love this song and the anime course…
    -Arigato Atashi-san-

  88. OMG thank you! xD

    but i figured out that only several of these lines are actually sung in the DN so I put all those in bold…. xD

  89. omg thanks so much…this has to be my favorite song…only problem i only knew what one word meant…thanks…btw the only word i knew the meaning of was rakuen(paradise)

  90. i *heart* that song!!! but… they changed it to a new one. it kinda freaks me out u no? it’s like rlly hard rock and mostly pretty much screaming. altho, it is kewl

  91. Omg, thank you so much!! I ordered the soundtrack but it’s backorder and I just could wait to listen to this song 24/7!

  92. Hey I freaking love this song and the series ,I’ve been watching scince the first episode!!! meisa is a ditz!

  93. houssin from morocco

    i love that song wonderful and the anime of death note was good

  94. The song is really amazing!


  96. The download isn’t working for me… :\ Is it down or is it just my computer?

  97. Thaks very much! it’s very useful!! (atur nuhun)

    Thanks for the lyrics.

  99. ^^ i really love this song. 🙂 It’s one of my favorites. i’m trying really hard to learn all the lyrics. Please have full song.

  100. Death Note is so cool…i love to watch it…i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. hey man!!
    The best music!!
    Ei cara!!!
    A melhor música!!

  102. Have you got the lyrics for the death note theme song??? if you do plzzzz put it on 🙂

  103. yah…..hoh……..nice one.. two thumbs up for you..

  104. i have this in mp3 this is a great song
    yeah i love the series too

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  106. Me encanta la canción es muy genial…además de ser movida y con muuucho sentimiento. Muajaja *o*

    I loved it! The song is fantastic… also is so excited moving and with much feeling. Muajaja *o*
    Take care! 🙂

  107. Hey is this the whole song lyrics

  108. YOU ROCK!!!! This is totally my theme song ^^

  109. greetings from Argentina…. nice song dude…. Death Note rocks….

  110. I love this song!
    i was skeptical with anime but after the first episode i was addicted to it.


    Very good

  111. death_note-shinigami

    this is the full one

  112. very strong!!

  113. Within the spreading darkness I pledge a vow to the revolution, I can’t let anyone interrupt it. The future that the forbidden fruit foretell, the ending that everyone wants, within the spreading darkness I pledge a vow to the revolution, I can’t let any one interrupt it. Some day…… I’ll show you a bright and ideal world. I dreamed a dream that no one could see, I threw away every thing I didn’t need, I’m holding these feelings I can’t give up in my heart, even if my feeling fall victim to the shackles of sacrifice, in between reality an my ideal, I can’t hold back my flooding impulses, because I have a strong desire to accomplish (deceit) (fear) (vanity) (melancholy) I’m not weak enough to believe any of these negative perceptions. I’m a trickster who doesn’t know solitude

  114. Its aMAZING

  115. thanks dude.. awesome.. 😀

  116. Wows! Thank you sooooo much! The lyrics here are longer than the anime ones. (the evil flower thing was skipped out, for example.) I also like The High-Lows 😛

  117. Thanks a bunches!
    Now I can show it off to my friends!
    Everyone will be so jealous!

  118. thank you very much. ‘_’
    it’s amazing

  119. Love God of Death

    Totally awesome and suiting of the episodes it was chosen for.

  120. i love this song 😛

  121. luv death note. got all dvdz. wished for lyrics now i got em. thx ^_^

  122. Heeeey!!thanx for the litters!!i have been searching for them for a long time^^

  123. thxs a lot

  124. Arigatou gosaimasu

  125. Thanks a lot! I just love this song!

  126. death note is freakin amazing. the ending was so sad 😦 but i love all of the theme songs so much thank you 🙂

  127. THANKS you very much
    الله يكثر من امثالك

  128. i love 2 watch death note thank you so much for lyrics =) =)

  129. thanks a lot pal , been looking for it for a while

  130. Hi,What are we talking about…??

  131. anyone on right now???? anyone know me??? i’m in your head!

  132. I HATE kria! do you? I LOOOOVVEE L!!!! who is that i’m in your head thats stupid!!! anyone with me??

  133. Hey thanx 4 the translation…Really Love Death Note…And for “L Lover ” above..I got news for u Buddy….L SUCKS !!!….Kira is awesome

  134. is there an english version of the song?

  135. man thanx a load i love this song a dam lot.

  136. me encanta el programa y me emociona y hagan otra temporada de la death note
    besos sasha
    12 años

  137. Thanks! Love this theme. Got to find Nightmare’s official site now 😀

  138. dude ur awesome i’ve been looking for this all over the place

  139. Death Note is hands down the best anime I will ever see.

  140. OMG!!! fave ANIME i have watched after other faves like INU YASHA AND NARUTO……..!!! i luv lighto’s SHINIGAMI…. luv kira…….<3 ❤

  141. I am very much a fan of Death Note now after seeing it for the first time!(just watched the box set back to back). I cannot believe how much L reminds me of myself, like with the thumb thing, the way he walks, sits, amount of sugar in tea/coffee, the way he thinks, always eating cake’s & sweets, almost same hair(same length), bit dark under the eyes & nearly same cloths… I was very amazed at how many things I found in common.
    I was sad about L dying, wish he made it to the end of the series 😦

  142. jena marie youngblood


    I think Light is awesome!!!
    I hated the ending to this anime.
    WHOO LIGHT!! ^_^

  144. Are you sure this is right cuase i watched the japanese version of the show and some of these lyrics arent in the opening theme

    • This is the full version of the song you dumb ass. If they used the full version in the anime there wouldn’t be enough time for the show.You are an ass hole!!!>:-(

  145. Annonymous-June 3, 2010 you are such an ass hole! They don’t use the songs full version in anime shows, you muther fuckin dumb ass.If they did then there would’nt e enough time for the show and this is the full version of the song,Jesus Christ how dumb can one be!!! >:-(

    • This is the full version of the song, and not the TV version. People usually like to download and/or listen to the full version rather than the TV (shortened) version.

  146. I love this song! Thankyou so much!!! : )

  147. i love this song

  148. What are the words that come up during the english dub version of death note? I love it and I want to learn it. I would love to download it too, how?

  149. And what’s with the fucking language? You guys need to be more polite, a person asks a perfectly fucking valid question and you call a fucking dumb arse and an arsehole. What the fuck is with that? That just disgusts me, and if you have a problem with it, I only have one thing to say: build a bridge and get the fuck over it

  150. coolgirlluvsupre

    yay, now i can try and learn the lyrics 😀

  151. Death note is the best anime i have ever watched in my whole life. long live death note. hats off, but didnt like the ending but still salute.

  152. wah lagune pancen apik tenan,.. neng kok mung lirike lha mp3ne endi

  153. Why did Light have to die!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? COME BACK LIGHT!

  154. i didnt like that picture so I will keep posting things until I get a good picture

  155. Starwars is pretty cool


  157. Cats are cool

  158. Powerpuff girls are actually pretty awesome

  159. SSBB – epic. mariokart – epic.

  160. meh that last one was good enough but still… -Zoe Magik

  161. man, this is best anime opening song ever! Werry god music! Nice lyrics! English translation is cool!
    P. S. Kira ir werry sexy!

  162. xD

  163. ^^ like this ^^ ~~~~~~~ 😀

  164. like the anime n the OP is truly match…
    thx for sharing…

  165. Dudes where can i find teh shortened version of it like the one in the anime 😀

  166. where can i find the shortened verison of the song like the one in the anime… please tell me 😀

  167. I simply adore this first opening, I was shocked when they changed it because with my speakers on max and my total unexpectancy of the whole song change, i had a spazzgasm x3 I totally jumped and threw back my laptop, but i really do love both songs XD

  168. Thanks so much for this! The song is amazing, but once you know the lyrics it’s even better.

  169. i like this song soo much!!!!

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  171. DEATH NOTE ❤ (addicted)

  172. these lyrics dont match whats on i-tunes? whats up

  173. It seems like you’ve gathered yourself a fairly sizeable following now! I’m pleased to see it!

  174. Why do i l ♥ this song SO much?

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