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Season 5 of Digimon.

Digimon Savers 2nd Opening Theme – Hirari

Vocals: Wada Koji
Lyrics: Wada Koji
Composition: IKUO
Arrangement: SPM@

Hurt wings
Will wake a miracle
And dance again
They ride on the wind of dreams
Overcome the sparkling rainbow
And continue their journey

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c/w Digimon Savers Gouing! Going! My Soul!! – TOMORROW

Fulfilling a request~

Vocals: Dynamite SHU

Even if that’s a lie
I’m sure I won’t regret it

Aim for the world that is broader
Than the identical sceneries in front of your eyes

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Digimon Savers 1st Ending Theme – One Star

One Star
Vocals: Ito Yosuke

Even if we laughed and joked around together
Something is different, something is lacking
Something that I can’t say to anyone…

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Digimon Savers Evolution Theme – Believer

Vocals: IKUO
Lyrics: Yamada Hiroshi
Composition: Ota Michihiko
Arrangement: Ota Michihiko

You can’t be moved
By the world that doesn’t have anything anymore

That’s right, since the day when you realize it
You understand

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Digimon Savers 1st Opening Theme – Gouing! Going! My Soul!!

Stronging! Going! My Soul!
Vocals: Dynamite SHU

Because I’ll take you away

C’mon, let’s go! I feel the best! Yes, dash toward success and capture it!
OK! OK! I’ll jump over it excitedly; feel the excitement passionately!

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