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Kanon (2002) Ending Theme – flower

Vocals: Fujiwara Miho
Lyrics: Kosaka Naomi
Composition: Kamata Masato
Arrangement: Ozu Hiroyuki

The blue sky that peeked through the spaces among the drifting clouds
Makes even the familiar streets sparkle

The backs of our small running figures; the us from back then
Hid the reasons for our spilling pains with innocence

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Kanon (2006) Ending Theme – Kaze no Tadoritsuku Basho

The Place where the Wind Reaches
Vocals: Ayana
Lyrics: Key
Rap Lyrics: I’ve
Composition: Orito Shinji
Arrangement: Takase Kazuya (I’ve)

There’s wind beneath my feet and light danced; they’re a part of miracles that just accumulated in my daily life
If I look up, there are clouds; I go down the way home that leads into the distance faster than I did in my childhood days
Like children who waited for the snow to melt, we run, making shining water drops bounce around
I’m not even worried about meeting you tomorrow, shining through the seasons

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Kanon (2006) Opening Theme – Last regrets

Last regrets
Vocals: Ayana
Lyrics: Key
Composition: Key
Arrangment: Takase Kazuya

I won’t say thank you but always keep that to myself
Goodbye quietly lands after the spotless dream

I forever, forever embrace the pieces pouring into my hands
and I already know what it means to have the strength to laugh until the end

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